Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Naughty Forties

They say life begins at 40. SG's life began last month, joining me in the naughty forties. For His birthday, i treated Him to a night away and gave Him the promise of being His dirtiest slut, fucktoy and whore.

After a yummy dinner out on the town, we headed back to our hotel room for some fun. i had included my Westward Bound rubberwear in my kinky case, so i was excited to show it off. SG had brought His new rope to try out some more shibari on me. i have to say the feeling of the rope, pressing tightly against the latex, was exquisite.

And then the photo shoot began. i think these pictures tell the story just as well as i could.

Starting with this... His slut presenting her cute ass for Him:

SG wasted no time in making His pup feel secure, like this:

Then turned it into this:

i'll leave it to your imagination what came next, so to speak, although it was difficult, as i was gagged.

A very fun night, however you want to picture it.

Forties is definitely the new twenties!


Anonymous said...

Hot post. Love the photos; you look great! Sounds like you treated him well for his 40th ;)

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Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely, especially the first picture! More please :)

SG, looks like you had an amazing 40th, Happy Birthday dude!

Anonymous said...

Wow great pictures!

Looks like SG had a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, folks. I did indeed have an excellent 40th, thanks to trinity-pup, my lovely latex bondage slut. ;-)

M and A said...

I LOVE rope and your pictures are beautiful! :) I'm glad you both had such a lovely time :)

Ed's Alter Ego said...

40's are way better than the 20's. We're more experienced, much more confident in our own skin and ready do dive right into the more adventurous stuff, and willing to let a scene take time to play out instead of being a mad dash to having an orgasm.

Mina said...

Great photos! Happy 40s!!!

sex toys said...

Looks a bit more fun than a surprise party down the local!