Tuesday, March 08, 2011

i'm behind...

... with my blog.

And there's so many things that i want to write about, including our fun rope workshop with mutual friends, SG's birthday and His experimental shibari session in tying His pup up.

How's that to tempt you to come back? That is, when i've written about it all, of course!

All is good with U/us and here's a snippet of future news...

SG and i will be at BBB this month! We also hope to meet the inspirational thisgirl and Grimly for the first time! Soooo excited about that. It would be cool to meet up with any other kinksters, so maybe you could drop me a comment below if you are going too.

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Anonymous said...

Hi trinity-pup

Geetwo and maxi here - we will be at the BBB with Grimly and this girl and look forward to meeting you.