Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Grim(ly) Up North

Still catching up with my posts, so i'm running ahead of others, just so i don't get berated anymore by a certain someone (you know who you are!).

i always get nervous about meeting new people, and even more so when a) they're of the kinky perv-suasion and b) there's more than two of them. This being the case recently, when we finally got to meet the awesome this girl and Grimly, and their good friends, Geetwo and Maxi.

And it was awesome. We met up at the same hotel the night before BBB and went for drinks and dinner to break the ice. The conversation flowed very easily, as though we'd known each other for years. It was extra cool for us three subbies to proudly display our eternity collars too. It just felt really natural. i guess i was in surreal mode for most of the time. This girl has the cutest accent! Grimly's evil demeanour reared its head just a couple of times. Geetwo and Maxi were lovely and warming and very easy going. It's just so refreshing to be able to talk kink in real life instead of via emails or blogs. i know that might sound a bit odd, but SG and i are only just breaking out into this mode of interaction.

The evening moved on to having a drink in Geetwo and Maxi's hotel room, with this girl showing us the fantastic tail adapted for her recent puppy play. It looked rather cool and something this pup wouldn't mind experimenting with. Following that, SG had brought along some of His evil rubber hoods and bondage attire - the inflatable sleepsack and puppy muzzle. This girl and Maxi were intrigued with the hoods and each chose one to try on. Maxi picked the eye-less one with the detachable re-breather tube and bag, while this girl decided on the inflatable (the original one that SG first bought for His newly-found hobby), with Grimly's assistance to inflate it. It was rather amusing (and a turn on) to see them wearing the hoods i know so well, and watch how they coped with them.

SG didn't want me to be left out, so He placed the double-layered breath control hood on me. i really have to concentrate when i wear it, so it was even more difficult knowing there were others watching me. But almost forgetting my own breathing, what i remember most was the sound of the different breathing patterns from this girl and Maxi. So, there we sat with our Domly audience, who then turned into the paparazzi to capture the historic event. Some of the photos you'll find on them on this girl's blog. We wore the hoods for a short while longer, before being set free. i then modelled the puppy muzzle for quite a time (i guess i felt braver then!) and before long, it was the end of a very interesting evening.

The next morning we made our way to the BBB and saw an array of good things. It was a lot bigger than i expected, with around 30 or so stalls. Along the way, i got paddled by this girl, then Grimly administered a strap to my butt! (SG just looked on!) Something that caught my eye was a pair of shackles, similar to some i've seen on Captive Kink's site. Pointing them out to Grimly, He said that He'd be able to make me some! Woooooo! i know he has a very busy year ahead of him, so he said i'd have to be patient, but it's in writing now... in case he forgets! ;-) There was also a caning demo that SG and i attended, while the others went on to a nearby pub for lunch, and we joined them later.

Sadly, it was then time for farewells, but not before we were given an open invitation to visit Wales from Geetwo and Maxi, and hopefully we can meet up with this girl and Grimly another time soon (but that does mean we'll have to go 'up North' again though!)

Thank you guys for such a great weekend!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Learning The Ropes

As i said, i'm behind with my blog and i meant to write about this before now. But here i am, a little short on time as we are heading off to 'The North' today, so it's a shortened version of our shibari 'workshop' with E & S - a lovely switch couple who we met for real before Christmas, and who i've been chatting to online for about 4 years now. It's so cool to make things a reality, even if it does take a while!

So, this masterclass from S, with his lovely wife E as his model, began by showing us the basics of knots. SG had some knowledge of this from His sea-faring days with His family, so all good there. Then we moved on to a very simple restraint of the hands, which uses a principle technique that can be repeated for any part of the body (i'm trying to remember this from memory, as it was a few weeks ago now!). i am sure SG will add anything i've missed, if He wants! That was very interesting to learn, especially how it works to prevent any nerve damage to the wrists, as this is very dangerous. Shibari is definitely not something to muck about with, you do need to know what you are doing.

Anyway, from there we moved onto the boobies and how to create a rope bra (the white rope in the photo). SG and i copied what S was doing to E (with a lot of squealing along the way, i have to say!). It was a real light-hearted and fun atmosphere, which helped to allay my nerves a lot! We then carried on to a rope corset (green rope), and finished off with the rope running around the crotch. That, combined with the feeling of restraint across my chest, felt really cool. i LOVE restraint. i think somewhere along the way S also showed us how the arms can be included in the ensemble. As we went along, SG took photos and also video of the demos S carried out on E, so we can watch them back and learn from them.

Here's the rope bra/corset:

Another shot, showing the crotch ropes:

And what the back looks like (note: best bra on!):

The grand finale of the session was a demo of a body hogtie on E. It looked fantastic and it wasn't long before she was spacing out on the floor. That was a delight to watch. Then it was my turn as SG strung me up, with S's instructions and i felt myself getting spacey too. It was even weirder to be feeling that way, while lying face down on someone else's living room floor, and then listen to a discussion about house prices and estate agents! It was like i wasn't even there - and not just mentally! i was left hogtied for about 20 minutes and i loved every minute of it. Somewhere around me i could hear photos being taken and E kindly placed a mini vibrating bullet against one of the crotch knots, which made me giggle and squirm, as i felt the vibes ran around my nether regions!

Here's SG completing my hogtie:

i was eventually let free and then we all enjoyed a nice cup of tea and agreed to meet up again at some point in the near future. i think we have now got a date in mind for next month, so i'm really looking forward to that. Thank you E & S!

Right... i think i did quite well there (with photos too!).

We are meeting thisgirl and Grimly later today for dinner and then off to the BBB tomorrow - i'm SOOO excited! Of course, i'll have to add that to the list of future posts!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

i'm behind...

... with my blog.

And there's so many things that i want to write about, including our fun rope workshop with mutual friends, SG's birthday and His experimental shibari session in tying His pup up.

How's that to tempt you to come back? That is, when i've written about it all, of course!

All is good with U/us and here's a snippet of future news...

SG and i will be at BBB this month! We also hope to meet the inspirational thisgirl and Grimly for the first time! Soooo excited about that. It would be cool to meet up with any other kinksters, so maybe you could drop me a comment below if you are going too.