Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Woman In Chains

i just listened to the Tears for Fears song 'Woman In Chains' and it gave me inspiration to post this photo. i love the sepia tone and the look of the place she's being held in.

It also serves as a reminder of how i slept last night - in my cuffs in SG's bed. It concluded a punishment i received, the first being a bottom caning, as i knelt in front of the sofa with my bare skin exposed and my wrist cuffs attached to my ankles.

my crime? i had been horny that morning and played without asking for permission. Not the done thing and i had broken the rules. Of course, i had to confess and knew SG would see to it. His pup had done wrong and He had to put her back in line... via His unforgiving cane.

i woke to find a horseshoe shaped bruise on my right cheek, which looks real cute.

SG now expects a marked improvement.

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Vipers Kiss said...

Brilliant and I love the picture you found too