Friday, February 11, 2011

Steeling The Show

It's been a number of months since i received my steel collar and, before that, i didn't know how it would make me feel or whether i'd get on with it. So here's an update for you.

i'd say that it's been a love-hate relationship. There are days where it seems to lay heavy against my collar bone. i know it's not the wrong size, it fits really neatly, but there are days when i am really conscious of it. Not that i shouldn't be, as it's a symbol of my Master's ownership, so i know i should be constantly aware of it. But on other days, it's a different story. i can almost not feel it, but this doesn't change its meaning to me. And quite rightly so.

And i have days where i love it - what it means to both of us. It makes me feel close to SG. A reminder of our bond when we are doing vanilla things, and especially when we are not together (which isn't very often).

The other thing is that it's had its fair share of attention with questions asked like: 'What an unusual necklace', 'how does it do up?' So, some quick thinking has been needed.

i remember the first time i wore it at work with a low cut top. i'd been wearing it under roll neck jumpers for the first few days, to get used to wearing it all day, as i was extremely conscious of others seeing it. But at the same time, i wanted to show it off. It was a real mix of feelings. But it was only right to be asked about it. It also made me wonder if other kinky people would know what i was by seeing it and give me that knowing look.

So it's been on 24/7 for the last few months which has been really good. i've had to ask SG to remove it for my physio appointments. He allows me to take it off, if needs be, but i'm now used to it staying on for longer periods.

i know that our D/s relationship doesn't work on a 24/7 level and we are both happy with that. We don't live together... yet, but we are working to change that. For now, my collar serves to remind me who i belong to and that keeps me smiling inside.


Florida Dom said...

Good to hear that wearing the colar is such a positive experience for you.

Do you get asked about it very often?


Master's Azra said...

I am about to receive a new eternity collar from my Master. I am sure that I will get questions about it. What kind of answers did you provide for those such as how does it close...etc etc? I am glad that you are enjoying it!!

trinity-pup said...

Thank you FD - nice to see you here again :-) i've not been asked about it lately.

Master's Azra - thank you for the comment. Oooh, how exciting! i am sure you will love it. i have said that it hinges closed... but didn't mention about the allen key part! If they want to know more than that, they're just too nosey! ;-)

t. x