Thursday, February 03, 2011

HNT - Secure

A couple of posts ago, i mentioned sharing a photo from my punishment caning for ripping my PVC outfit. SG took it afterwards - no staging, just as i was. i thought it would work really well as a HNT, so here it is:

It's always good to feel secure.

Happy HNT!


unowned_desire said...

Wow! you look great pup! *much hugs*

Master's Azra said...

Indeed it is!! Safe, sound and content. Beautiful photo!

Happy HNT

Vipers Kiss said...

Cracking photo. and looking good as always.

I do like how the restraint network divides and exposes the body for soothing and tormenting sensation play when your nerves are all tingly from the caning

mina said...

Ooo! That looks very pretty :)