Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stump Up The Strokes

'85... was a good year.

i had only more left of school, i'd experienced my first trip abroad (Holland), and i was madly in love with George Michael.

And now i have the number 85 fixed in my mind, because of what happened yesterday. i waited in for a plumber at SG's. Nothing unusual about that. It was hopefully to fix His noisy boiler. So, all good.

However, after an hour of tampering and tweaking, it had stumped the plumber, who couldn't remedy things.

What it did mean was to stump up £85 for not a lot of effort on his part, nor a happy ending for us.

i texted SG and broke the costly news to Him, who was quick to ask how much he had charged.

me: "Are You sitting down?"

SG: "Yep."

me: "Ready?"

SG: "Yep."

me: "You can give me this number of strokes." (don't ask me WHY i said this!)

SG: "Ok. ;-)"

me: "£85."

SG: "£85 would be fine, if he'd actually repaired it! Can you take 85 strokes?"

me: "There's only one way to find out..."

i guess it means that the effort and a happy (rear) ending may still be on the cards.


Anonymous said...

I personaly think this shout have been worked out in a pence to stroke level £85 pounds = 850 strokes - A 20% discount for cash.

Vipers Kiss said...

It would help if I could count its not 850 strokes its 8500