Sunday, January 02, 2011

Say my Name

Welcome 2011!

Around 363 days of the year, when we are in private, SG calls me 'pup'.

The other two times, i'll hear Him say 'trinity pup'.

The funny thing is, it always makes me smile, and a feeling of warmth envelops me. Maybe it's because it's what i called myself before we met, so it feels as though He's saying my full name.

He called me the latter name, while we were having dinner on New Years Eve. And for added glow, He said it ever so quietly: 'I love you, trinity pup'.

His pup couldn't have been happier.


Hawk said...

That's the sweetest new year's post I've read! All the best to you both :-)

Florida Dom said...

How sweet that you are so loved, Trinity Pup