Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hmm, look what a naughty pup did to her PVC playsuit...

Well, it was sticking to my skin a bit. A request from SG to wear 'something shiny' underneath my clothes, when i visited Him. So i was only following orders, wasn't i? :-(

It got me a caning, while restrained in my leather harness. That reminds me, SG has the pics on His camera... will have to post pics next time. i have an ickle bruise on the side of my thigh (no pics of that).

In the meantime, be good out there!

1 comment:

Vipers Kiss said...

Oh no can it be repaired?
Doms are cruel and unusual they request you do something and then blame you when something gets ript lol

an excuse for me Kinky shopping