Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Rubbery Goodness

Here's another couple of photos from our rubber session.

Before the leather mittens went on:

With mittens and chains (check out that shiny steel collar!):


rex_chicken said...

Wow love it look as Beautiful as ever Especialy love the Chain pics

I would very much like to see these in Black and whites I wounder what te contrasts would look like

Hawk said...

Very hawt! I've never done anything with rubber or pvc, but the look is priceless. You wear it very well :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the color...from eternity collars? Steel...YUM

New to the pleasures of Pup! said...

Hi there Pup,hope you are well. You look stunning,totally enlcosed in wonderful rubber and chains too just to complete the picture! You have the perfect figure to wear tight rubber,a rubberists dream,more please! Hope you enjoyed yourself in your rubber,thanks for the photos,take care.