Monday, January 31, 2011

Count On me

Last weekend resulted in receiving the 85 strokes i'd teased about to SG. But of course, it meant bondage and restraint for me first. So i had to strip down to nakedness, before the straitjacket encased my upper body with its leather straps. i do love the feel of how it wraps me up. Then SG deliberated over which hood He was going to use on me - i had no choice. He didn't want me to shout the place down either, so He chose the one with the detachable breather hose. It only has the one hole, so it's impossible to see through it. Scary, but strangely it makes me feel safe. Before the hood went on me, i watched Him clear the top of the dining table and replace the area with a cushion - and that only meant one thing.

He led me across the room and made me stop in front of the table. His hands pushed on my back to bend forward and i felt my chest and shoulders rest against the cushion. Then His foot kicked my ankles apart and He buckled a belt around each one to a table leg, ensuring my legs were spread wide. i was now completely at His mercy and my appointment with His cane had arrived.

Up until that point, i had never received more than about 30 cane strokes from SG, so i wondered how i would be able to get through half of them, let alone 85.

"Count them out loud and if you get any wrong, we'll go back to zero and start again." SG told me.

And so He began and He delivered firm, steady strokes to the middle of my bottom which i found fairly easy to cope with. It's when He moves a little lower or at an angle, that it gets a bit more ouchier. Of course, He didn't stay in one place and as He got to about 30, He paused to run His fingers across my pussy. i was already very wet by this point and His touch just made me melt. He then carried on with another 15 or so strokes, before teasing me again. It was sheer delight and torture at the same time, but i also had to remember the count. The cane's torment continued as He decided to quicken the pace and i almost lost track. Luckily i kept up and once again my pussy throbbed with His touch as His fingers moved deep inside me.

my bottom felt pinked and burned slightly and as i counted to 83, He stopped to take some photographs of His handiwork. He said He rather liked the 'tartan pattern':

After two more strokes, He unbuckled my ankles and removed my hood. He led me to the bedroom and pushed me onto my back. He teased my soaking pussy and He knew that i ached for Him to be inside me. Moments later, He was pounding into me, treating me like His puppy bitch. i rememember asking for permission to come a few times, as the caning had made me so aroused. The pleasure that radiated from my orgasms was so delicious. i lay exhausted in His arms, once He had released me from my bondage.

i am sure that SG has since mentioned He wants to try 100 strokes next time. So, i guess that means we're on the up!


Vipers Kiss said...

Wow absolutely amazing and well done on the 85 strokes.

But that report of your recent session is brilliant it sounds like you both have an amazing time

Hawk said...

That's intense, and recounted so well. I'm a cane "wussy"...I'll need a lot of training to get to anywhere near that many strokes.

mina said...

wow.. 100 strokes. I'm sure you can do it! The cane is such beautiful torture. I hate it but LOVE it.