Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye... and Welcome

New Year's Eve has never been a good friend of mine. i have always felt sad as the hours and minutes tick away, even if it has been a good year. i should say that the past couple of NYE celebrations have been great and this year should be no exception: SG and i are planning to enjoy a nice meal out and see the new year in - on the beach.

And i can say that 2011 has been dandy - in both senses of our lives. i've just celebrated five years of my blog and four years since SG's first contact with me. Our kinky side has taken off in a huge way as we've met up with fellow kinksters over the year.

It's been great to see our friends Elves on a couple occasions and experience their fab dungeon. We are looking forward to catching up with them again in the not too distant future.

And we were also thrilled to meet for the first time this girl and Grimly, and their friends Geetwo and Maxi, at BBB (our first ever BDSM event) and our recent pony play day. Not forgetting our fantastic weekend at Captive Kink's house and this girl. We have plans to meet them all again in the spring.

Also, of course there are all the photo shoots that SG and i have experimented with, including our first foray with the great outdoors!

Fun times, indeed. And more to come next year, let's hope.

And there's a good chance of that. Especially when your kinky partner buys you a Darlex straitjacket dress and matching hood for Christmas! That may well be our first photo project of the year.

A fond farewell to 2011 and a big bear/SG and puppy hug in welcoming in an exciting new year they call 2012.

See you next year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

HNT: Looking Back

i'm a little late on my HNT this week, but i can turn back time on my posts! And i've been looking back on early photos i took for SG and this image gives me fond memories. Can't say why i love chains so much either:

So i'm reminiscing and all for very good reasons - not only is my blog 5 years old, but it's 4 years since Collarme brought SG and me together when SG left His first message for me in the vain hope that i might just reply.

And the rest is history... or rather, is on this blog!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy 5th Blogaversary... And Christmas Sparkle

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, except for this excited puppy.


i'm truly amazed at its longevity and so very proud to still be writing - this is my 509th post. i've known so many bloggers who have come and gone, but have also seen great new bloggers start up too. And i can't forget all the wonderful comments, so thank you for reading. It's a great reason to celebrate... and of course, Christmas is almost here!

i didn't get to post a HNT this week, so i decided to make this a Christmas Eve post instead. It makes it extra special, i think. Hope you like my sparkle:

And because this is a special post, i wanted to share one of my most favourite images from my blog, taken nearly 2 years ago, showing off my latex outfit from SG:

So here's wishing you all a very happy, safe, maybe kinky, Christmas filled with lots of love and warmth. Have a fantastic time.

pup xx

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter's Touch

(Getting whimsical about Christmas)

Wintertime is upon us.
The snow is on its way.
But we are safe and warm.
By the log fire, we lay.

The dark nights are so long.
Daylight is in short supply.
But we have got each other.
So it's not hard to get by.

Snuggling up together.
We hold each other tight.
It may be a long hard winter.
But our love will see us right.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Time

He frees me when He restrains me.

He releases me when He tightens the SJ's straps.

He lets me go when i'm in His arms.

i am always His.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Trinity Pony and Her Mistress

Our recent foray into pony play was fantastic fun. Well, it involved SG, this girl, Grimly, Geetwo and Maxi, so why wouldn't it?

The last time we all got together was at BBB in April, and for SG and me that had been our first public kinkster event. So when this girl invited us to the pony play event, it was a natural step up or, shall we say, a trot from our usual walk.

The venue was really cool. In a previous time, it had been an old industrial warehouse and it was rather cold. It had two very large spaces for the gathering of ponies, owners and kinksters, as well as cart racing, with a smaller room for using single tails and whips, and a studio room for photography shoots.

We got there from the starting line and could only see a handful of people chatting to begin with, and the setting up of carts. i honestly thought i would just be happy to observe the whole time and probably be way too shy to dress up. i had brought my catsuit and boots along in any case. i knew this girl had also brought along some pony gear for me, in case i was tempted. And once we arrived, something inside was prompting me to get my rubber on and let people see my kinky side in public for the very first time.

In the next moment, i was frantically, with a lot of exhilaration and anticipation, pulling my catsuit and boots on. With SG's help in the ladies toilet (hilarious!), i was good to go and ready to trot into the main hall. As i did so, there were nothing but appreciative looks. It felt fantastic to be admired, if only for those few moments. And i knew if i did nothing else, i'd be very happy.

This girl looked fantastic in her riding mistress outfit. She definitely looked the part. i was curious to see another side to her. By this time i'd made up my mind and was very willing to be her pony. So she set about dressing me up in her Grimly-sed body harness which was like a corset with a leather and metal crotch strap to hold me in place, wrist cuffs (that she delighted in padlocking on), neck corset, tail piece (loved swishing that), reins and bells! i loved those and felt the need to jump occasionally to make them jingle! To complete the ensemble, i also wore a leather head harness, complete with blinkers and bit. This girl also gleefully attached my cuffs to my sides temporarily. Poor Maxi had her hands behind her back for a fair amount of time, so i was rather grateful!

Here's a closer look at my attire:

As i stood there showing myself off, it felt great. Before the event, i had no idea of what i'd feel comfortable doing, but knowing i was among so many others who enjoyed the same kink, made me feel very liberated, even in bondage! It actually felt quite natural after a couple of hours. The only discomfort was that my rubber catsuit was fairly difficult to wear after such a long time with my boots, as well as the effects of being in such a cold building! But i persevered and i am so pleased i did.

The photos on this girl's blog show both Maxi (Geetwo's gorgeous pony) and i posing for the camera, with Grimly as photographer. That was immense fun. i've posted one of those photos here, as it is one of my favourites. SG thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, even though He didn't partake, but was very happy to observe and admire. He told me He was impressed that i'd taken the plunge to get so involved. i had made Him very proud. We also observed some amazing suspension bondage taking place in the hallway. It's definitely something that we'd also like to try.

Later in the day there were pony cart races. The other ponies and riders who took part looked and raced like real troupers. Prior to that, this girl had led me around the large hall holding my reins (complete with crop), in front of a fair number of spectators. i had already told her that i didn't want to partake in pulling carts or racing. She already had a (part-time) pony in mind anyway. For me, i think that would have been a canter too far and in any case, i wanted to play the mischievous pony. i'll leave it up to you to guess what that may have en-tailed. So no sugar lumps for me!

Pony play is definitely something i'd like to try again, but i do think i'm a pup by nature. Always cool to try new things. Best fetlock forward and all that!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pony Play Preview

Here's the sneakiest of previews from our pony play day at the weekend. It was a huge amount of fun.

More details to come soon!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

HNT: Giving Thanks

Another photo from the dark side - my black underwear that DY (Delectablyyours) loves so much. So a big thank you to her for all the feedback.

But this isn't just a HNT post.

It's an official thank you to all who visit here, however briefly - as a regular or a one-off, all the lurkers, and those who are brave enough to comment. It really means so much. It keeps me wanting to continue to blog.

Life has been pretty full on for us which is probably why there have been fewer posts. SG and i find ourselves about to enter a new phase in our lives. These are very exciting times ahead. But i'll keep it off the blog just for now. Vanilla times are calling us though at the moment.

That's not to say there isn't any kink thrown in - far from it. We are meeting up with this girl and Grimly, and Geetwo and Maxi this weekend for some fun at a BDSM peer workshop. It may include some pony play which i've never done before. So hopefully there will be photos to share (i'm sure they'll appear on this girl's blog before here).

So you really need to keep checking me out, so to speak, to see what's going on.

Here's wishing all my US friends a very happy Thanksgiving Day! Have a fab time.

And my biggest thanks and gratitude has to be for SG in risking that first move on Collarme almost four years ago. How far we have come is truly awesome. i think i can feel another celebration coming on.

Oh, and happy HNT!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


A peek at my usual bedtime attire: my wrist cuff connecting chains are about the width of me, allowing me to sleep adequately. There's also a connecting chain for my ankle cuffs too.

Just thought i'd share at bedtime.

Don't you just dig striped PJs? ;-)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

HNT: Bringing Sexy Black

i took this photo of my new bra, loved the hazy effect, and thought it was perfect for a HNT!

Happy HNT!

Thursday, November 03, 2011


my HNT for this week (it's been a while) is from our R&R weekend- chilling out in a hot tub, eating good food and, naturally, some hotel fun (see my previous post).

A great mix - much needed and thoroughly recommended.

Happy HNT!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Quick Dip

Take one hot tub and some relaxation, followed by a hot soapy shower in your hotel bathroom - what do you get?

A very aroused Master and His pup, amorously kissing, groping and aching for each other. Hands stroking body parts, juices flowing, with the need to connect.

The solution?

SG's plan to take His aroused pup, bent over the sink, and push His hardness into her wetness. This action results in many squeals and moans, as pup's
pleasure takes control. she feels her climax building very quickly.

But she needs to feel more and reaches for the dressing gown's belt hanging on the door. SG places it around her throat and holds it tightly, as He pushes deeper into her and cups His hand over her mouth. These small additions mean so much to pup and always helps to fuel her excitement.

Just a few moments later, with SG's permission to come granted, pup lets go completely allowing her orgasm to melt over her whole body. SG wasn't too far behind, so to speak ;-) Our pleasure was so needed and quick to attain and enjoy, given that it usually takes a little longer to reach this point. i put it down to being so relaxed beforehand

It was very yummy and what others would call a quickie. For me, it was certainly the best quickie i've ever had!

Friday, October 28, 2011

She Is His

The fire's warm glow lightens her face as she kneels before it.

Her hands behind her back hold her ankles.

Her head bowed in contemplation and submission.

Naked, but for His collar, and vulnerable before Him.

Her soul is willing and her body is eager to please.

So much love in her heart to give.

She is His.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Night

Climaxed (x3)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Missing your touch: your soft skin brushing against my body.

Missing your face: your wide eyes gazing at me.

Missing your lips: your gentle mouth on mine.

Missing your voice: your sweet whisperings in my ear.

Missing you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We Had A Bed Day

Sadly our plans for a dungeon photo shoot had to be postponed due to illness from one half of Elves on Sunday.

But somehow SG and i made our own entertainment by spending most of the day in bed. In that time, SG tied me spreadeagled, collared with my thick padded collar and ball gagged, before torturing me with the Hitachi. He made me come four times in quick succession. Each one was a very yummy orgasm, spent mostly screaming through my gag. Then He teased my very wet pussy with His fingers, edging deep inside. It was almost too much to take, as my clit was still coming down from the wand's vibes.

After that, i was begging Him to be inside me, as He was about to use the Lelo on me. By that point, i needed to feel His body as close as possible, in the most physical way we connect to each other.

He sensed i was feeling cold and snuggled up to me with the duvet to warm us up first. As i lay there i realised how i wanted the next scene to play out. After getting warm, i reached for my ballet boots and laced them up. i was naked, but for my collar (and feeling rather sexy) and i began to stroke Him, getting Him big and hard, and He knew what was next.

i wanted to ride Him, so i climbed on top, and He filled me and it was divine. Slow and methodical at first as the pleasure flowed through us, then faster and deeper to excite us more. SG ended up climaxing in doggy style (what else?), thrusting into His bitch puppy and letting it all go.

We fell asleep in each other's arms, cosy and warm under the bed covers. We woke up late afternoon feeling somewhat hungry - for food this time! It was lovely unplanned time spent on the two of us.

We all need a bed day, don't we? zzz...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heel, pup, Heel!

Another shortish post, but it's a post nonetheless!

The gorgeous ballet boots SG bought me arrived a few weeks - and they fit! i guess it helped trying on this girl's pair when i became a pup at Captive Kink's play weekend, as we found out we take the same size.

i've only worn them twice so far. They make me feel extremely submissive. The fact that i can't walk in them (yet!) and have to crawl instead adds to it! They feel awesome as i lace them up.

So i thought it only right to post a photo of them after they first came out of their box.

They'll also be making another appearance on my blog soon, in a more professional way, ahead of our dungeon photo session with our good friends Elves this weekend. Time to play dress up and get tied up - good times!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh, Butt...

Just in case you've forgotten what my bottom looks like.

i reminded myself earlier today, before a yummy play involving my Lelo, some rope and SG's belt. i'll let your imagination run wild with that combination.

But... it was delicious.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Yoke's On Us

i'm going to let the photos tell the story of another very fun session between this girl and pup when we met up last month. i think Captive Kink also posted a photo of us within this girl's latest set on his site.

Basically, the yokes were on us, quite literally, and it was very frustrating not being able to interact as much i'd like with this girl (who had her own dilemma to deal with), but at the same time rather enjoyable too. It was hard work keeping my arms up so as not put more pressure on my neck. Gotta love predicament bondage. Rather evil though!

Rich's darlex hobble dress that the infamous Ashley Renee has worn for him, topped off with a matching hood, felt fantastic too. i hadn't worn anything like it before and i think SG and i might have to invest in getting something similar.

i guess some subs are never satisfied are they? i can say that the whole weekend was a blast and very memorable for us all. It was quality time spent on some serious bondage but having a laugh along the way. Sometimes that's what it's all about.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wyred Pup

A new collar for pup arrived a couple of weeks ago. It's a wraith collar from Wyred Slave.

i found my eternity one rather hard going and heavy, causing quite a lot of neck pain.

i am loving this one as it's much lighter and looks really nice too. It's been locked on for two weeks now.

SG's ownership continues.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

HNT: Cute Toes

Another photo from Sunday's lie-in:

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday Bliss

Here's one for all you foot fetishists.

This was how i spent part of Sunday morning...

Restrained in the leather straitjacket.
Adorned with ankle cuffs and chains.
Hogtied by the SJ's crotch straps, toes secured with rope (about to be added).
Ball gagged, lying face down on the bed.

... just the way He likes me.

Then SG teased me with the Lelo and made me cum twice. He gave me a moment to rest, before He turned me over and had His wicked way (and He can be very wicked).

After that, i was a very lucky pup as He allowed me take control of the Lelo to pleasure myself a bit more, as He fingered me deeply. It felt amazingly delicious.

We were two very blissed out soul mates, snuggled in each other's arms.

Cute toes, huh?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

His Focus

i wanted to share another couple of photos from last month's dungeon session with E & S. These were taken by SG and we really liked them, however blurry they are!

All i know is that His focus was on me.

blue movie

bench presses

We are looking forward to meeting up with E & S again in October for a dressing-up shoot - and we can't wait!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And They Call It Puppy Love

You'll hopefully have seen the photo of me on this girl's blog, playing as a puppy. It seemed such a natural thing to do, so when Richy, aka Captive Kink, asked me if i'd like to become a pup, Captive Kink-style, how could i refuse? He told me he'd been reading up on my blog and had come to realise how much i loved bondage, chains and puppy play.

i borrowed this girl's ballet boots and they fitted perfectly! They looked and felt awesome too. Richy helped me to see if i could stand up in them - and i did, if only for a few seconds! It was hard going on the toes though, but an achievement nonetheless. i need to buy a pair now! Then i was put back on all fours while Richy transformed me. Leather mittens for paws, ankle cuffs, the double-flap rubber hood, leather collar and lots of cold chains around my body and inside my rubber pants (at my request!). The finishing touches were nipple clamps and the attachment of a leash, before Richy led me through to the lounge to show me off to SG and this girl.

At SG's feet

SG caressed me and patted my head as i knelt before Him. i wondered what He made of what He saw. He then directed me over to this girl who took command. She petted me and took me for walkies around the room, then made me sit, beg and bark, and teased my clamps. my nipples were getting very sore by this time. It felt amazing to be treated in that way and i loved every moment of it. The chains inside my pants felt good pressing up against me and, at some point, i felt a couple of bullet vibrators placed inside too. i felt extremely turned on and happy to 'perform', although i am normally quite a private person.


Enjoying this girl's petting

After a time, subspace took hold and i was ready for some quiet time. The clamps were removed by this girl (which made this puppy howl!). i was still adorned in all other areas when Richy placed a blanket over me as i curled up on the floor - completely blissed out in a deep state of contentment. i felt very loved.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pos(ey)ing For Captive Kink

You'll find me making a guest appearance over at this girl's blog, following a fantastic weekend of fun, courtesy of her good friend - the infamous Captive Kink.

Before this, we thought it only right to firstly meet up with the man behind the website, to help us feel more at ease for our planned session of dress-up and bondage, all to be captured on camera. We arranged to meet up with CK before he headed off to BBB last month. We found him to be a very likeable, laid-back guy and enjoyed a good chat over drinks and dinner.

He mentioned he had brought a couple of items with him that appear on his website, modelled by sexy red-headed models (and much admired by us), so it was enough to tempt us back to his hotel room to investigate further.

One (of many) cute images that appears on this girl's blog is on her intro page - a Posey straitjacket. Having seen that, and as CK mentioned he had brought it with him, it didn't take me long to want to try it on. i wore it initially on its own for some private photos. i also wanted to share a photo on here, so CK placed a heavy rubber hood on me that also had flaps that zipped up over the face. It looked quite ominous at first, but it felt great.


Something else that especially catches my eye on Captive Kink's site, and again modelled by this girl, is a blue leather armbinder so i was very eager to give it a go. CK decided to complement it (much to my surprise) with a blue blindfold/gag that filled my mouth almost too much, as it slightly touched the back of my throat, but it certainly kept me quiet.


no escape

From wearing the Posey and rubber hood, i began to hit subspace so Captive Kink and SG let me float off for a time. Little did i know what our next meet with this girl might entail...

As i mentioned, you can see first photos on this girl's blog and Captive Kink will be adding more to his website. i shall try and catch up soon with some of my own here.

Friday, August 12, 2011

After Impact

It's been a while coming, and you've been so patient, but here's those anticipated photos of the impact play.

This was straight after the session:

And then they became proper bruises that i admired for almost a week.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hit Me Baby... One (Thousand) More Time(s)

The second part of our impact play session

The session started on the cross. SG had firstly adorned me with my wrist and ankles cuffs. E took some sample photos of the space and then with me in position (but yet to be attached) to check all was well with the angle and lighting.

Setting the scene:

The dungeon was atmospherically lit with candles and Enigma played as background music. It felt the perfect setting for a newbie like me and it was time to get started. i decided to remove my boots (on S's sound advice), as i knew it could be difficult to wear them for too long, especially with the position of my legs spread on the cross. So i put on my rubber stockings instead. Any rubber against my skin always makes me feel sexier.

S turned me round to face the cross. Then each of my cuffs was clipped into place with my limbs spread. The next bit i hadn't seen coming, when S began to run some coarse rope several times around my waist (you can see it in the photo). This would prevent too much weight being placed on my hips, the longer i stood there. The roughness of the rope felt rather good against me. There was no escape from this, not that i really wanted to anyway.

As S was deciding which implement to start with, SG stood behind me and teased me by tickling my arms and waist and i tried to wriggle about. This seemed to amuse everyone. Such a tormentor, my Master! He also nuzzled and kissed my neck, while grabbing hold of my hair. E took some great photos at that moment, but i may just keep them for private! It felt delicious to be so completely out of control.

S started off with some floggers (and some hand slaps) to my bottom cheeks as a warm up. They felt quite good but not too stingy. i remember one He used was a 100 cat tail flogger. i could almost feel each one. He kept telling me to push my bottom out, as at times things became real stingy and i naturally held my body closer to the cross. He did ask nicely though! Then he passed the reigns to SG who delighted in having a go. It was difficult to see who was behind me, but i could tell the difference. And that's no disrespect to SG, as He hasn't used that many ouchie toys on me. i know that He enjoyed receiving instructions from S on the best way to use each one. And they do say practice makes perfect!

Are you hitting on me?

After a while (no idea how long), the pressure on my hips became an issue, so it was time to move to the bench. Lying on my front, my cuffs were secured down to the corners and then i felt straps tighten across my back and thighs. There was definitely no escape now, even though i tried wiggling. i love feeling restraints against my whole body.

S altered my rubber pants to expose my bottom cheeks more, so they were pressing tightly against my pussy - and things were already moist down there! (i remember he did that when i was on the cross too).

What i recall next is a bit of a blur, but there were lots of different toys used on my bottom and thighs. S would give a demo first (with a lot of effort put in) and then pass it to SG to 'test out'. Then i'd hear the encouraging(?!) words: 'try it this way' or 'turn your wrist more'.

It's all in the wrist:

At one point in play, i had S, E and SG take turns of a crop, or whatever it was, and, at SG's turn, He made me count each one and say out loud: 'Please may i have another one Sir' (luckily only 10 times). At around the fourth stroke, E kindly pointed out that i wasn't counting them, so SG started again ensuring that i did. Then He handed the command over to E who made me count out loud. And she could certainly deliver them too! S rounded off this 'sharing game' with the same enthusiasm.

Throughout the whole session, S and E would check the temperature of my bottom cheeks, and i'd hear them say: 'oh, still a bit cold here' and 'this bit could do with warming up'. So the torment and fun went on and i could feel my skin pretty pinked, if not rather reddened, after around 15 or so crops, whips, floggers and other miscellaneous items had been used.

About halfway through, i thought i might hit subspace. i was getting floaty from it all, but not fully and we had planned for me to be hooded at some stage on the bench. That time arrived and SG obliged by placing the re-breather rubber hood (minus tube, so the mouth was open) on me. It felt amazing, as it completely blocks out any light and a fair amount of sound too, which all leads to disorientating me and is a quick way for me to reach subspace.


It worked too and the session continued for some time. It's very hard to assess time in the middle of quality play. The grand finale was for S to use his 'Indiana Jones style' bull whip, and i could hear him swishing it around behind me before it struck my skin. Wow! E explained how it makes her go completely 'gushy' when S uses it on her. She said it was having that effect just by watching it being used. Then again, S said it might not just be that making her feel like that... and if it had anything to do with me, then i feel very honoured!

After another check of my bottom, i heard S say that we should wrap things up and then i felt the body straps loosen. SG removed my hood and my head was very floaty. S advised that i stay on the bench for a while and take things slowly when i was ready to sink onto some bean bags and into SG's waiting arms.

It was an amazing play and i loved every minute of it. i know that SG rather enjoyed Himself too. i have no idea how many strokes that was! i need to say that throughout the session, i never felt in any danger or concerned (and i didn't expect to). And that's the most important things with all of this - our kinks, fetishes, whatever you want to call them - you need to have trust (as well as have fun too) and we certainly have that with E & S.

Thank you guys! E - you are an amazing photographer! We did leave with big smiles on our faces. And we can't wait to see you again!

i am hoping to post more photos on my Fetlife profile in time (things are kind of busy round here!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making An Impact

The first part of our first impact play session with others.


Hosts: E & S of elves_uk (Fetlife profile)
Guests: SG and His pup

As Himself: E & S's dungeon

Our impact play session came about quite some time (real life made an appearance) after we saw E & S in Feb, when they gave us a shibari workshop. After that session, we knew we'd like to do something more with them. They put us at ease, we had a lot of fun and they were happy to be 'enablers' - meaning that they were eager to give us an experience we both wanted. With the added bonus of their basement dungeon, the natural thing was to spend some quality time in it.

i knew i wanted to try some impact play, to push my limits, but also feel what it would be like from another's hand (and vast array of toys!). Impact play with SG is not that new now, but administering pain wasn't really on SG's radar when we first started out. It's something that He is more comfortable with now, as long as He doesn't mark me permanently. i do admit to admiring any bruises or marks He makes on my body He owns, but they are usually never intended. He realises how much i enjoy pain and we've been building up the ouchie toys slowly.

i turned up at E & S's house wearing only my Westward Bound rubber bra, pants and PVC boots - all under a coat. i tottered down the street for a few seconds as we couldn't park right outside. That was a complete rush, before i'd even got through the door!

my effort was definitely worth it when S's face lit up after he asked me to 'do the reveal'. Then E appeared and was equally delighted. i felt so good and very sexy. SG was beaming too. He hadn't been able to keep His wandering hands off me before we left His flat.

The descent to their dungeon began and i was surprisingly calm and very excited. It's a fantastic space with a cross on one wall, a bench in the middle, a host of ceiling hooks and suspension equipment as well as their amazing collection of pain/pleasure (mostly pain!) implements hanging up along another side of a wall.

The torture (with a bit of fun too) was about to begin...

More details with photos coming soon.

Always good to be teased, isn't it?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Sleep With 50 People

i slept with 50 people last week.

All under the same roof at the same time, tucked up in a very comfy bed that wasn't SG's or mine, for the night.

It was all in aid of a new theatre production called Lullaby, and the show is designed to literally send you to sleep.

You get escorted to bed, as long as you're wearing your PJs (no nakedness allowed) at around 10.30pm and if you don't stay awake to see the end, around two and half hours later, you certainly won't be alone.

We snuggled into bed no 21 (there were approx 25 beds arranged a middle circular stage - there was even one triple). Our bed was on the outer edge, making it slightly more intimate. Even though the bed next to us was only a few inches away, it felt cosy enough, with its little bedside lamps. But strictly no naughty business was allowed.

The show included dancing octopus, a fluffy elephant, short stories and lullabies. It didn't take long for SG to get His shut-eye, though i thought it was a bit rude after just 20 mins in. Anyway, we had a great night's sleep - and cuff-free for this pup (much to SG's dismay). You also get breakfast in the morning (not in bed though).

If you want to visualise all of this surrealism, watch this clip (i'd also sleep with the two sisters):

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hood Times

This is our amazing new leather hood from Leatherotics. It has nose and mouth holes, and straps that go everywhere - across the eyes, the mouth, around the head and neck which also has a locking buckle. The leather feels very soft.

Thing is, i haven't experienced it yet. This is SG modelling it. He said it felt really good. i'm sure it won't be long before i get my turn.

Many thanks to this girl ( for recommending the site.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

2 - 2

That was the score from our orgasms on our recent rubber-filled weekend - although we should point out we aren't in the habit of keeping score. It was a draw, although i drew the short straw of being bound and used, but i'm certainly not complaining.

We had an overwhelming need to get back to latex so we spent a day in our catsuits. This was followed, for me, with the leather straitjacket, worn the other way round so my arms were behind me, a latex hood, ball gag harness and to finish off, the leather harness.

Quite an overload for most, but it felt awesome for me. i was spacing out before moving to the bedroom. There, SG teased my pussy with the Lelo and His fingers. Adorned with all of the bondage, i was already soaking wet and it wasn't long before He made me cum (1-0).

After removing the harness, and always wanting to feel SG inside me, we moved onto the hall floor. With my pussy aching for Him, SG slid inside me and pumped away. Each thrust took Him closer to His orgasm which came just a few minutes later (1-1).

Not wanting me to be denied another climax, SG allowed me to play with myself. Not before He placed another hood on top of the one i had on, but having removed the ball gag harness. It felt so good to put on a show for my Master. my orgasm washed over me and i melted while SG held and caressed me (2-1).

Later on in the day, having removed my catsuit, it was time to be encased in the rubber sleepsack. A restraint we've not used that much, but is great fun. We've both spent some time inside it. SG tried it out when it first arrived. i'm sure i've written about it on my blog.

Stripped naked, i stepped inside the suit for SG to zip up and strap me in. It felt good to feel cool latex against my skin, but i soon began to warm up as the inflation of air began. It feels weird as it creeps around the body and slowly tightens against you. In the middle of doing this, SG placed the re-breather bag latex hood on me. So the combination of the two made me pretty floaty.

Through the hole in the crotch area, SG passed the Lelo for me to have some fun with. It's never very easy to get much enjoyment in that way, as the suit presses your legs rather close together. so it can be quite frustrating. Needless to say, i didn't get to cum, but i was happy in my bondage.

From being freed, except for still wearing the hood, we were thinking of getting down to it again, although i had a different plan. With SG lying beside me, i began to stroke and tease His cock. It didn't very long to get Him excited and on the edge of pleasure. He had started Himself off, so to speak, and i was only too happy to pursue His climax.

Not being able to see through the hood, His moans and murmurs told me how things were going. Of course, His big member growing in my hands confirmed things too. All very quickly, He gave a big groan and i felt His body tremble. He told me it had been a very quick transaction and had loved every second of it (2-2).

Snuggled into His arms, i felt really good that i was able to give Him that level of pleasure and release.

i can be a good pup, at times.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bottoming From The Top - Part 2

More musings from SG:

The second scene takes place the following afternoon. In the intervening 15 or so hours I have remained in my catsuit. During that time, I’ve made pup cum hard with my fingers as a reward for her forebearance. The temperature has been just about perfect for being covered
in rubber, so sleeping the night encased in its slippery embrace has not been a problem. But now it’stime to get uncomfortably hot in our formidable leather sleepsack. It takes a fair bit of shuffling and wiggling to get me in, but
pup has slightly less of a problem securing her prisoner this time round.

With my arms trapped deep in its internal sleeves and the body straps cinched tightly around me at various strategic points, I am immobilised and definitely ready for a hood, or should I say hoods. First, on goes the Cocoon helmet with no eyeholes. My world is plunged into darkness, but I know what’s to come and I’m going to like it. Moments later my mouth zip comes open and I’m given something familiar to suck on, and I eagerly oblige – I adore sucking pup’s nipples and feeling them harden between my lips. But soon it’s time for the vacuum hood to be squeezed tightly on over the top. This really makes me concentrate on breathing slowly and steadily in order to
prevent the loose latex section on the front from collapsing on my face and cutting off the tiny holes through which I eke my air. Superbly kinky!

pup takes some photos of my enjoyable predicament and then attends to the hard member now jutting out of the strategically placed hole in the middle of the sack. she makes excellent use of her Master’s captive cock, in fact, spreading her legs and lowering herself carefully on to her human dildo. But I suspect that I’m feeling more pleasure than she is, as I’m unable to thrust up into her and seek out her G-spot. It occurs to me that this is a lazy lover’s dream scenario – just lie there and let your partner do all the work. Bizarrely, I feel guilty about this, but only for a moment as another big orgasm sweeps through me.

Wow again. That felt bloody incredible. I remain soggily supine as pup dismounts and carefully peels off both hoods. My supply of fresh air returns and I’m suddenly conscious of all the perspiration on my face and body, and it’s all starting to feel just the wrong side of uncomfortable now. It’s time to end the
session and divest myself of all my gear.

“That was awesome,” I say, finally resurrecting myself from la petite morte. "Thanks, puppy – you’re so much better than you think you are at this lark. Same time next November?"

Thursday, June 30, 2011

HNT: Unzipped

From our recent rubber session.

Its release can be as pleasurable as the restriction it creates.

One chilled out pup.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bottoming From The Top - Part 1

SG has kindly written a post on our latest switching session.

"OK, pup. I'll explain it again. All you need to do is buckle my ankle strap loosely to start with, so that the rope down my back can actually reach it - which it can't at the moment 'cos it's too short," I say, trying manfully - and failing - to keep any tetchiness out of my voice. "Once you've tied the two together and got me hogtied, you can tighten the ankle strap as much as you like. Do you see what I mean?"

"Um. i think so," was her none-too-convincing response.

"I'm making it sound difficult, aren't I? I'd show you if I could, pup, but it's actually very straightforward. It's the only way you're going to get it to work. You do need to unwrap the ankle strap first. How did you get it all tangled up in such a bugger's muddle?"


Welcome, once again, to SG's and pup's biannual switching weekend. And,once again, it's not going especially smoothly. But it really doesn't matter. Far from it, in fact. Part of the reason for doing this is to see things from each other's perspective and realise that it's not always easy being us and performing our usual roles.

Picture the scene (the pic below helps): I'm encased in my Cocoon catsuit (have I mentioned that I'm a rubber fetishist? The look, the feel, the smell. It. All. Just. Gives. Me. The. Horn.) Ahem, anyway - back to the story. Under my direction, pup has painstakingly strapped her black leather straitjacket back to front over my latex-clad body so that my arms are crossed firmly behind me. For extra security, she has methodically applied her leather bondage harness on top. Nice touch - I'm rock hard already as she buckles the crotch strap tight. She has zipped me carefully into a rubber hood with eyes and mouth holes, and has strapped four cuffs on my ankles and thighs. So far, so stringent. Good - I want it to be as tough as possible. If it's not tight, it's not bondage.

I drop carefully on my haunches and instruct her to chain my thighs to my ankles in order to achieve a loose frogtie. Unfortunately, one of the chains breaks as soon as I test their tension. Annoyingly, it's one of the chains that I use to cuff pup's ankle cuffs together for her customary bedtime bondage

"Oi, that's one of my chains!" says pup, crestfallen.

"Whoops! Oh, bollocks. Never mind. I'll sort it out afterwards if you have some pliers handy," I mutter testily. "Use the other one there. Then use that strap to bind my ankles together." Which brings us back to the frustrating exchange at the start of the story.

After some untangling and under-the-breath-swearing, pup finally secures my ankles satisfactorily - and to that strap it she ties the cord that she has already run from the steel ring built into the straitjacket halfway up my back. I am now hogtied and frogtied.

Phew, no one said bondage was easy. Now for the gag. No tie is complete without a gag, right? Sorry, that's a silly rhetorical question to the regulars at this establishment - this is surely a case of preaching to the perverted if ever there were one!

A couple of weeks ago I'd purchased a custom-made harness ballgag for pup from the excellent Top to Bottom Leathers and made the point of making her try it out on her herself. Just as well, too, as it's a real spider's web of straps. The only trickiness at this stage is the task of stuffing the red silicone ball through the hood's small mouth hole and behind my teeth. pup is too respectful of my gnashers to really shove it home and she doesn't quite have the strength - or dommely meanness - to secure the neck strap that one crucial hole tighter. The ball is not quite in the right place, but I don't have the heart to ask her to retry. It's near enough for me. Unfortunately for her, I can still issue instructions, of course!

Despite all the hiccups (for brevity, I've not included the wild-goose chase I sent pup on to find the particular rope I wanted her to use), I am finally bound very securely - and quite uncomfortably - just in the way I had envisaged beforehand. We have now reached a point at which pup is extremely comfortable with: pleasuring her man.

she wastes no time in unzipping my manhood from its rubbery confines and goes to work on it with her hands and slutty mouth, drawing involuntary groans of pleasure from her willing prisoner. Yet it's not too long before the Hitachi wand makes an appearance. It feels astonishingly good against my glans and she brings me expertly to the brink a number of times. It feels amazing and pup is in her element. she's probably enjoying the fact that I'm not saying anything apart from: "Mmmmmm....Arrrrrgh!"

After what seems like a glorious age, pup's judicious application of the wand on my frenulum finally causes me to lose control in a big way. A rare mind-blowing orgasm.

I lie on my side completely spent and sweatily contented. Wow.

And there's a second session to cum...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anyone For A Brazilian?

These stunning images appeared in Metro, the free national newspaper, as well as on their website this morning. They certainly put a smile on my face.

They're part of Samuel Cirnansck's collection being shown at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

To have and to hold:

i love this image:

Inspiration for someone getting married soon?

Monday, June 13, 2011


i am soothed...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wood You Risk It?

It had always been a fantasy of ours to find a secluded wood to take part in an outdoor kinky photo shoot, so i can safely say the last couple of 'Woods' posts achieved just that.

It all seems a bit surreal looking back at the photos, but it was so incredibly exciting with a fair amount of risk attached.

We carried out a recce over the weekends before the shoot to check out some places that SG knew of, and see if they had any potential. This one particular place seemed to and so we headed out to it in the late part of a Sunday afternoon, hoping that we wood(!) have the place to ourselves, more or less.

As we drove into the car park, problem number one arose. There were only three vehicles parked - an empty Landrover and an empty van, with a third car that seemingly had just a girl sitting in it. This was a great start, we thought. We parked up a little way from this car, and sat trying not to make it too obvious in looking over to check if this girl was about to drive off. But no such luck, as a man's head popped up from her lap in the passenger seat. No doubt they were there for some naughtiness too! We sat there for another five minutes and still their fun continued.

We decided to leave the car and head into the other side of the woods. Problem number two - i was already wearing my PVC dress underneath my 3/4 length coat which was just long enough to cover it. This meant it was a little awkward getting out of my very low sports car. SG carried the bag with my kinky boots in, so i only had my summer pumps on my feet, with bare legs. This brought about problem number three - trying not to get too scratched by the undergrowth. By this point, i had begun to wonder if this whole 'adventure' was going to be worth it. Nevertheless, we headed on up a winding path, along and over to another more secluded part of the woods.

So the photos with the tree were taken then, with me hopping about on one leg at a time to get my boots on, taking my coat off and trying to look sexy for the camera. Not the warmest of days either, but the rush of exhilaration kept me glowing. Especially so when we heard rustling in the bushes nearby (and no, it wasn't the other couple), it was just the birds.

When we made our way back down to the car park, the other vehicles had gone and we could get on with the second part of our pics. i positioned the car up close to the trees in the clearing to get the shots that were posted, although all the while, any other car could have turned up at very short notice.

It was a thrill of an afternoon, in any case. So, just watch out when you go down to the woods next time, you could find a couple in a car doing naughty things. Or you could find us, innocently taking a walk into the depths of risk.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

HNT - Lead Astray

It's been a while since i posted a HNT, so while looking through our last few photo shoots, i thought this would make a rather good example.

my new play collar, complete with my leash:

So, who wants to lead me astray?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If You Go Down In The Woods (Part II)

These latest photos certainly show evidence of how this sexy wood nymph made her way to the woods.

It seems she was very keen to have her picture taken. After the initial startle, she didn't really shy away from the camera at all.

Such a shame that the sun was rather glaring that day, she may well have been such a pretty thing:

And then she started showing off her bottom again...

Then again, maybe she had been inspired by those Sunday drivers in their 'flashy' convertibles, who may also be into similar shiny things.

Word has it... she's still out there.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If You Go Down In The Woods (Part I)

Seems like a perfect place for a stroll...

Nothing to see but trees, birds and undergrowth.

Hang on, what's this rare species?

Is it local to the area?

How did it get here?

Got wood?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seeing Red - pup's New Latex SJ!

Life has got busy again (it's all good), so this may turn into just a picture blog for the next few posts. i have so many new pics to show from our latest adventures.

Nothing wrong in that, i hope you're thinking, as i know how much you enjoy seeing a more graphic side to me, as it were (and especially helpless).

Going back to my birthday almost a month ago, i'm sharing photos of my special kinky pressie from SG - a new latex straitjacket! It's made to measure and has breast zips and crotch straps, making the wearer feel even more vulnerable. It feels awesome when i'm strapped into it and i was only too happy to model for the camera!

The front:

The back:

And this is NO ordinary latex garment - it's made with cutting-edge technology - meaning that it's red on the outside and black on the inside, without two different pieces of latex being glued together. It's made from one piece and it's from Elena's Latex (thank you, if you're reading!). SG told me it's one of the first latex garments ever made in this way and i get to own it! Lucky pup, huh?

This shows the inside:

And adorned with hood and leather harness on top:

i'd be wearing it right now, if i wasn't having to write this post...

i have many more photos to post, including an OUTDOOR shoot we braved. So please be patient, and you know how much i appreciate your comments (hint, hint).

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

How To Chain(ge) Your Pup

Getting a bit slack with my blog again, but i am sure you'll understand the reasons for that.

SG thought it would be a good idea to buy His pup a new play collar, after the demise of my previous leather one. With the arrival of my eternity collar, i can wear it 24/7, if so wished... that should read, or as He wishes. This one will be for private play (and maybe at another BBB visit in the near future).

Because we've been so pleased with the Top To Bottom leather cuffs, it seemed only right to buy the matching collar which arrived last week. He chose a locking buckle so He can use a padlock with it. It's the same width as the cuffs, so it's going to take a little time to get used to how it sits around the neck. It's padded too, which makes it really comfy.

i guess it was only right that He wanted to adorn me with my matching cuffs (and pretty PJ bottoms) and chain me up for the night. This is how i slept:

And i managed to sleep really well. i think when i do sleep in my chains, somehow it makes me feel safer.

Then again, i know i'm always safe in His arms.