Thursday, November 04, 2010

Switched On

Our switching sessions give SG an insight into what i experience on a regular basis, and that's never a bad thing! i know it's usually a case of Him telling me what He'd like me to do to Him. Sadly, there was one thing that i wanted to try out, but it didn't happen - always next time i guess!

Following the dog suit vacuum experience, He ended up in bondage with the leather body harness over His latex catsuit:

Then He requested a hogtie - always happy to oblige!

And of course, the infamous SG's SJ, and as you can see, He was getting quite excited at this point! Had to do something about that, of course!

Afterwards, this is how SG thanked me:

Always a pleasure, Sir!

Oh, has everyone gone into hibernation these days, it seems pretty quiet around here...?


K & J said...


Mistress Bella said...

You could say I have went into hibernation :P to be honest, I keep saying I will write again but I have just been that busy with coursework!

Will need to see how it goes...

those are awesome pics :)

M.B. x