Tuesday, November 30, 2010

At Your Service

It's been an absolute age since i wrote some erotica, so i hope you like the following that just came into my head:

Shopping was on my mind. The sales were in full swing in all of the department stores in town, so there seemed no better time to buy some new lingerie. It’s one of my favourite pastimes – shopping for sexy underwear for my man. Not that it stays on long enough for Him to appreciate it, of course… but i guess i buy it for myself, to feel good in. That tiny lacy thong underneath my skirt that only i know i’m wearing, that sort of thing, you know?

i headed out to one of my much-loved stores and took the escalator to the lingerie section. Some cute sheer panties and erotica-themed bras seemed to be calling to me. i spent quite a time browsing and getting lost in my lusting. Armed with my selection of sexy lingerie, i headed for the changing rooms to thrill myself further with how they would look. There was a small queue and so i patiently waited my turn. It was a busy time and there were several store assistants rushing about showing customers to their cubicles.

Out of the corner of my eye, i noticed a very striking young assistant, with gorgeous long flame-red hair, a very petite but perfectly proportioned body and stunning blue eyes. i thought to myself ‘surely she should be a model and not be working here’. i thought she was very attractive and then spotted her walking back towards me. my turn in the queue had come and she was walking me towards to my cubicle. i followed, my eyes drawn down to the most exquisite stilettos i had ever seen. They brought her height up level with my own. She walked so elegantly in them.

i was transfixed by her as she showed me to my booth, placed my underwear inside and then said “if you need any assistance, there’s a bell there... unless you require our bra-fitting service, then I can help you with that now?”. She waited for my response. “Well, yes, that would be good - i’ve never really known my size” i replied. my heart was racing now, i was getting excited… and moist.

She closed the cubicle door behind her. “If you’d like to undress down to your bra, we can see how well that fits you.” i wasted no time in complying and stood before this young beauty in my slightly tatty Wonderbra. i wished i had put on something a bit newer now. She produced a tape measure from her pocket and positioned me in front of her to face the mirror. Her small hands wandered up to my shoulders and around my upper back to check my bra. “It seems to be a little small for you, as it’s pinching at the sides – can you see?” she said, as she ran her fingers down the sides of my ribcage. i nodded as they then moved up to rest across the top of my chest. “So you really should have more room here.” she continued.

At that point, her hands began to wander down to reach inside my bra, and found their way over my nipples. she pinched them gently. Not doing anything to stop her, i watched her in the mirror. She had now pushed my bra cups down and was slowly massaging my breasts, and i felt her hot breath on my neck. i closed my eyes as sheer exhilaration took over me. i was now half-naked as she turned me around to face her.

She gently pushed me down onto the seat and lowered her mouth to lick and caress my nipples. i reached out my hands to touch her breasts through her shirt. They felt so perfect. She had now pressed herself up close against my hips and thighs to almost straddle me. i managed to undo a few of her shirt buttons and slipped my fingers inside her lacy bra to stroke her nipples.

my pussy was now aching and extremely wet, and i knew i had to satisfy my urge. i hitched my skirt up to reveal my stockings and soaked panties. She moved slowly downwards, tracing her tongue along my thighs and parted my legs. She was on her knees, her long red hair brushing against my arm and across my lap. Her mouth found its way to my wetness and i felt her hot breath again, but now against my crotch. i sighed as her tongue teased and tickled me over my panties. A second later, she was sliding them down my ankles. The anticipation that had built up inside me was so strong now.

There she ended up, with her warm lips covering my pussy, her tongue busily circling my clit and lapping at my juices. Waves of pleasure washed over me and my gasps became more urgent. There was no let up, as she continued her delicious onslaught on me. Her tongue began to quickly dart in and out of my hole. It felt so sensual and dirty at the same time. Only a few moments later, an incredible orgasm exploded within me. i quickly placed my hands over my mouth to suppress my post-climax euphoria. She looked up at me and smiled. i stroked her hair as she rested her head on my lap and said “do you come here often?”


Anonymous said...


Loved it Pup......hope you were wearing rubber knickers......if i was that shop assistant, i definitely would have been!!!

Gem xx

tv_photographic said...

Fantasic, What an excellent read to get the day started. it certainly warmed me up in this cold

Anneal said...

A great read..and a humorous ending.