Sunday, October 03, 2010

Pushing Boundaries

You may remember i mentioned a very horny and intense bondage weekend where i had my boundaries pushed, well i hadn't forgotten (how could i?). i think the photos that SG took tell the story, so i've not written that much - i know how you prefer posts with pics anyway!

Getting prepared:

How my boundaries were going to be pushed was by wearing SG's inflatable hood - actually inflated. This particular hood has always scared me in the past, even though i have managed to reach a point where i can put it on and have it zipped up, as long as i know it's not going to be inflated.

As i was dressed in my PVC dress and boots, bound by my body harness with crotch strap pressed against my newly-shaved pussy, the spreader bar keeping my legs apart and ball gag to silence me, i guess i didn't have much of a choice. Of course, i had my safe word if i needed it.

View from above:

As the hood began to inflate, i didn't panic when the rubber started to squeeze against my face, even though i hadn't experienced it before. Afterwards, SG told me He had pumped it up to half of its expansion capacity. With the tightness it created, it could have been all the way for all i knew. But it felt rather good to know that i had been able to cope with the new sensation and push my limits. SG was indeed very proud of me.

Then SG exchanged hoods on me for our latest breath control baby, with detachable nozzle and air bag. It looks rather evil without eye holes, but weirdly, i don't find this one as scary. He used the whole ensemble on me, as i lay restrained on the floor. i'm not sure how long it was on for, but it took me into subspace rather quickly. After a while, He removed the bag and nozzle and left me, still hooded, to relax in my bondage, as He watched over me to take more pics and video.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, He christened our new cherrywood paddle on my bottom. He created rather pinked cheeks in no time and the feeling is very slappy and stingy. i rather like our new ouchie toy. i hope we can seek out the rubber paddle from the London store soon. It will be cool to compare them.

Overnight, SG made me sleep in my cuffs with steel chains running up my ankles and connecting my wrists (sadly no pics of this). It had been a while since i had slept like that and SG said He would make it a more regular thing.

The morning session involved SG strapping me into the SJ, adding the double-layered breath control hood and forcing me to come with His fingers deep inside me, followed by my vibe. Then He took me from behind, on all fours like His bitch puppy. i love it when He takes me like that, it's extremely erotic.

Hope you enjoyed the show!


nancy said...

That is a very intense set of pictures. I doubt I could handle such hoods as those.
Good for you!

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

Lucky lucky both of you!! The intensity of being used while hooded seems to drive you as mad as it does Wendy. Nancy may not be able to handle it, but SG and I are very fortunate to have partners that are daring enough to do it. Hats off to you both and continued happiness and perviness.


Kara & Jessica said...

looks like a VERY HOT time :)

lu peata said...

wow pup

those pics are amazing looking i dont think i could manage that at all, they look quite scary to me and i would feel so claustrophic in those masks. your amazing.

xx lu


I did enjoy. I use hoods quite often myself. If you look up my fetlife page (same name) I have a few of mine posted. I have the breath play hood there are some nice tricks you can do with those ;) I need to get on the ball with posting from my scenes.

Keep up the fun!

Anonymous said...

My My
How the "pup" has progressed!

Sub Sweet said...

What a wonderful weekend and yay for you on the boundaries.

New to the pleasures of Pup! said...

Hi Pup,hope you are well. Congratulations on pushing your boundaries again,it's def worth it isn't it! Great picures too,esp of you in the black rubber resticted breathing hood,you look amazing,more please! Keep up the good work and hope you have lots more rubbery fun,take care.