Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Big Turn-On?

"It's the big silver, flat button on the back right corner, closest to the wall unless you've moved the thing since I've been in here. It's marked with a circle with a line through it - you know: the on/off sign," I said as patiently and non-patronisingly as my situation would permit. "It's the biggest button on the thing - it's kind of so big that it's almost too obvious, if you get my drift?"

"Erm, i can't seem to find it, Sir. Hang on a minute." I heard pup mumble, miserably.

Welcome to our first switching session since early November 2009. Well, it would be a switching session if pup could only find the bladdy switch!

OK, so it's been a while; it's only natural that things aren't exactly coming easy to either of us.

Hours beforehand, waiting for pup to come to my flat for our long-postponed session, I awoke rather excited, in more ways than one, as I anticipated being able to lie back and let her take the reins in, er, more ways than one. The thing was: I already had some strong ideas about what I wanted her to do. It was never really going to be a switching session as you might imagine it, dear readers, as I will always tend to top from the bottom and say what I want, while pup is somewhat conditioned into taking instruction from her Master and would never find it easy to get into Domme mode. Let's face it: that's how things work 363 days of our year. I did give her the opportunity to design a scene of her own - and she said that she did have one idea - but that was never to transpire (she might divulge it when she writes again - tp).

Fast-forward again to the start of our session and picture the scene (but the photo should help):

I am lying on my back, with my knees and elbows forced to bend tightly by the thick dogsuit that's enclosing me in its tight rubber grip. It's a real bugger to get into - even with someone helping to zip you in, it takes a good five minutes - and has a tight built-in hood with just one tiny round hole for the mouth. I'd bought the uber-kinky bit of kit for pup a year before, but it had lain unused since her one and only time incarcerated in it. That had been a hot session, all right, but the experience had been a bit too intense even for a trooper like her. I was determined to experience myself, though, and show her that it deserved another chance.

But I also wanted to up the ante. I'd asked her to unzip the bottom of the suit a fraction, let in the end of my Hoover's long tube and seal the zip back up tightly. This was going to be my first foray into vacuum bondage and my mind raced, wondering whether it would work, whether I'd enjoy it or not, or whether it would work too damn well and perforate my bleedin' eardrums (I did have plugs in, being the cautious type).

"OK, let's do it," I said, trying not to sound too excited.

Long pause.

Hmm, that's cool, I thought - pup's sensed how excited I am about this and is purposely ramping up the tension. she's getting into character!

Longer pause, faint sound of scrabbling and plastic being prodded.

"Erm," came the response, muffled slightly through my earplugs.

"Problem?" I asked.

"i can't seem to find the power switch."

At this point I'd been in the dogsuit for about 30 minutes since being sealed in, and had tested out its elastic limits by trying to move around a bit. I'd told pup that I would love to zip her back into it soon, put a collar and leash on her and make her go "walkies" on her knees and elbows, just like a puppy bitch should. But by now my own joints were just starting to protest at being held firmly in this unfamiliar position.

Several emotions flashed through my mind in quick succession: incredulity that pup, my tech-expert subbie - couldn't find a palm-sized button on a small vacuum cleaner (I knew from her frustrated tone that she wasn't teasing); annoyance that I might have to get out of the suit and struggle back into it just to point out the button; irritation with myself for not explaining everything to the last detail; acceptance that this sort of thing is inevitable when you disturb the natural sub/Dom order; and amusement at the entire situation. Funny old game, innit?

After what seemed like an eternity (in fact, it was probably only a minute), she found the switch and the suit sucked against me gently. Hmm, interesting. I raised my left elbow - our agreed sign to increase the power. Ooh, that felt good - like being gripped all over. I could still move fairly easily and the seal wasn't perfect, but it was great fun. Did I enter that much-discussed place called sub-space? Did I, hell! ;-)

We gave it a few minutes of me making like a vacuum-packed joint of beef while pup filmed the scene on her camera. The noise of the Hoover eventually became too irritating, despite my earplugs, and my knees had just about had enough, too. I was grateful when pup let me out when I told her to.

The first scene of the afternoon was to be a microcosm of our whole session: by turns sexy, kinky, intriguing, enlightening and frustrating. Most of all, it was fun, but definitely not something we'd do any more frequently.

pup will post more photos of what else she put me through in her next post.

Master SingleGlove

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Mistress Bella said...

This is a fairly interesting experience to read, my pup has often teased at the idea of being Dom to me, maybe one day :)

Hope to hear more interesting stories