Wednesday, September 15, 2010

pup's Here Again

Soooooo much to write about on my much neglected blog:

our last minute trip to New York;

the arrival of my replacement steel collar (have been wearing it since last Thurs night!);

and a very horny bondage and breathplay weekend, where i had my boundaries pushed.

All with accompanying photos too.

Stay tuned kids and spread the word...

... pup's back!

(Did you miss me?)


Aurore said...

I have missed you! So much! I can't wait to hear all about it!


I see you made it across the pond eventually I want to make it to London myself.

Good seeing you guys back

Anonymous said...

I have missed you sooooo much!

lu peata said...

wow pup lucky you getting to ny, i hope you had a brilliant time and yes of course you were missed, cant wait to hear all that went on!!!

lu xx

trinity-pup said...

Awww Aurore... missed you too hun!

Tech - that would be really cool.

Anon - thank you... just wish i knew who you were! :-)

lu - it was brilliant! Am in the middle of writing at mo.

t. x