Saturday, September 25, 2010

Here Comes 200,000....

i'm just 50 away from hitting 200,000 views - fancy that?!


Thank you for still reading. It means so much.

pup x

Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Search Of Kink... in New York

Our NY trip really was a last minute thing. It was partly to celebrate my best friend's BIG birthday, but also to return after visiting 10 years ago. And it was also SG's first time.

We stayed four nights on the Upper West side in Manhattan. We managed to fit in some shopping, saw a tiny bit of Central Park (didn't realise it was so huge!), rode the Staten Island ferry, and saw a Yankees game too. We also witnessed the haunting scene that is Ground Zero - my best friend and i had visited the twin towers in 2000. It all felt completely surreal and so very sad.

The weather was unbelievable - 96F most days and only cooled down to the mid 80s overnight. It was pretty tough for me, with my fair skin and all. i never go on holiday anywhere that hot! The coolest places to be were either the subway (on the train, not the platform) or in the shops.

Our kink was mostly put to one side, except for our plan to find an erotic boutique, Coco De Mer. i'd recently read that there were two shops in London, but there was also mention of one in New York. So my curious mind wanted to seek it out while we were there. And it would probably be our only kink-related activity.

Before we jetted off, all i had noted was that it was near Chinatown in Elizabeth St. Not knowing the area at all we trekked down it, seeing nothing but Chinese supermarkets and hair salons. It was a very busy, colourful, bustling place. We'd walked along most of the street, then doubled-back on ourselves, but still the shop evaded us.

As we walked past numerous displays of fruit and vegetables, my other love in my life (aside from SG) kicked in. i had a hankering for buying some dried mango pieces. i've been hooked ever since a friend bought me some back from the Philippines.

i ended up with a whole lb's worth for $6, before our hunt for Coco De Mer continued. We battled through the midday heat and just as we were about to give up, we found it along the very last section of the road we hadn't walked along (how typical is that?!).

We stood outside for a moment, partly in disbelief that we'd finally found it:

We walked inside to find we had the shop to ourselves, which can sometimes put me off looking around. We mused over the very sexy lingerie on display (and at a price), then hovered over the range of designer vibes. The shop keeper introduced herself and then gave us a demo of one of the toys - a pink triangular vibe designed to be held against the pubic bone area and clit. It looked great but again, came at quite a price.

One of the items i was particularly interested in was from their website - a rubber paddle. Sadly, they didn't stock it in the NY store. As an alternative, we were shown a gorgeous cherry wood paddle - it was probably the only affordable item there at $40. SG asked me if i would like it and i excitably nodded.

There was just one problem - the packaging it came in. There was the bag:

The box it was placed in, wrapped up in tissue paper:

It all looked very cool but was almost impractical for transporting around in vanilla land. SG was all for going without, but i had to have the works! We'd come all this way, after all! Another little snag - we were due to meet up with our vanilla friends straight after, so somehow we managed to squeeze the box (with bag neatly folded) in SG's rucksack. Phew!

my spanking new cherry wood paddle (and it's been christened... erm.. Cherry):

We are planning to visit the London branch soon, so we can add the rubber paddle to our 'ouchie' collection.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

HNT - Lock & (Allen) Key

It's good to be back and as i write my next post on NY, i think i owe you all a HNT.

my replacement collar arrived last Thursday and SG adorned me with it, locking it on 'a la allen key' style, which felt a little scary at first. It felt so permanent, a steel reminder of His ownership. And i do love it.

And so tonight, as this little puppy heads for her bed, she'll have worn her new collar for seven days, without taking it off. It's been pretty comfy to wear and it's not caused too many comments at work... yet. Time will tell!

But SG's hold over me is ever present, around my neck. And it feels so good.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

pup's Here Again

Soooooo much to write about on my much neglected blog:

our last minute trip to New York;

the arrival of my replacement steel collar (have been wearing it since last Thurs night!);

and a very horny bondage and breathplay weekend, where i had my boundaries pushed.

All with accompanying photos too.

Stay tuned kids and spread the word...

... pup's back!

(Did you miss me?)