Friday, August 13, 2010

An Order From SG

Thanks for your barks on our metal collar search (especially yours, sera - i'd let them cut it off, if needed).

i am happy to report that, following recommendations from a Dom on Collarme, and then seconded by Mistress Bella and Her pup, SG ordered a collar from Simplesoul. So it's on its way!

First photos will appear when it's in place!

This pup is VERY excited.

Happy Friday (13th).


subtle said...


I've got a collar just like the one you've ordered sitting in the drawer :)


Just my two cents:

-the screws have a habit of working themselves out over time and will stick into your neck requiring them to be re-screwed
-the weight and sound of the 'o' ring (if you get one) can be really annoying
-doing anything bouncy (running, brisk walking, aerobics) will see it banging up and down on your neck
-keep the allen key somewhere safe and always return it after using (ours came with two spare screws and a spare allen key and all the spares have gone walk-about)
- it won't set off metal detectors anywhere
-watch out when using a hair dryer as it heats up quickly

Have fun!

Mistress Bella said...

Yay thats awesome, I am glad to be of help...

Hope to see photos, when you get it :)