Monday, August 09, 2010

Metal Collars - Your Views

SG and i have decided that i need a new collar. my current one is leather and is getting dirty and worn.

i've been visualising a rolled metal collar that locks with an Allen key, and SG thinks this could be the answer. It would also mean that i could wear it all the time. i know a few online friends who wear them.

So i'm after your thoughts here. If you wear one or have had experience of them, would you recommend one? What are the pros and cons. Do you know of any good stockists in UK?



Mistress Bella said...

A metal collar, they do look pretty cool....I have never thought of it :)

If I see any suppliers in UK I will let you know :)

Mistress Bella said...

Ok I am not sure about this one, but one of puppy's friends has got a collar like you want from this site...

I'm not sure this is what your looking for, but puppy's friend wears it ALL the time.

Hope this helps

lunaKM said...

I enjoy my stainless steel collar. It's weighty enough that I never forget that it's there and I have had only a few questions as to what it is; most people accept it as just odd jewelry.

I'll be wearing it in my wedding photos next year and I think it will be beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I have never had a metal collar but do like the sound of it. Let me know how it is when you get one.

Anonymous said...

if you are looking for an excellant metal collar then there is one you have to look at..

I have worn one for 2 years now and its the best thing ever. Still uses an allen key to lock.

I have both the metal and the PVC coated one.

Their service is also excellant

sera said...

I might have written about this before, but I have a stainless steel collar (a bit like this: that has a magnetic lock rather than an Allen key. Robbie spent a lot of time thinking about it and decided it would be best if I didn't have to use an Allen wrench to get it off, for two reasons:

1) I travel by plane at times (usually to see him), and the collar needs to be removed for security. This way I can take it off easily. I'm not sure how big a deal this is; presumably most times you know in advance that you are going on a trip, and you and SG could make arrangements.

2) He was concerned that if I got in an accident and the EMTs needed to do anything to me, the collar would get in the way. As he said, Allen wrenches aren't uncommon, but it's not like everyone has them on hand, either. This wasn't a hypothetical issue. About a year and a half after we started going out I got in a car accident and needed to have emergency x-rays of my neck; the nurses almost cut off my VANILLA black jet (favoritest!) necklace because they were having trouble with the clasp.

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