Thursday, August 26, 2010

HNT - His Collar

At last a HNT from me and a first peek at my new steel collar. Unfortunately it's had to be returned to the manufacturers because it's faulty :-( A new one is on its way. So for now, it's back to my leather puppy collar at night.

When i first saw it, i thought it looked too chunky. i suppose i expected it to be a lot daintier, so i wasn't too sure about it.

Ironically, since it's been sent back, i'm actually missing it - no pleasing some subs!

Happy HNT!

SG and i are taking a well-deserved holiday now, so see you in September. Be safe, be good!


Aurore said...

It looks beautiful!

bikeguy100k said...

My girl wears one full time and it looks fabulous on her. It's not too chunky and, after a while, nobody even notices it. We were at the symphony a while ago and someone noticed it was a collar and sought us out to talk. It turns out we know them!

Florida Dom said...

You must be so proud of it.


Brittany said...

Hi there,

Was wondering if you'd be interested in reviewing a sex toy. Give me a shout :)