Thursday, August 05, 2010

HNT - Cheeky

There are more photos and experiences from the Fetish Studio to come. i'm also hoping that SG may write His opinion on the night soon.

Back to HNT, as it has been an age since i last posted one. This week's image follows a particularly hard caning, as punishment for something i shouldn't have done. It may have been my cheekiness, brattiness or disobedience - i can't recall now.

Made quite an impression though:

Happy HNT!

(You can help this good pup receive the most barks she's ever had for HNT pleeeeease?)


unowned_desire said...

Glad to assist a lovely pup!

And may I admire His handiwork, as well as say "Nice arse" :)

Lev said...

mmmm, exactly how I'm hoping to leave my little one the next time we meet.

Mistress Bella said...

Oooooh that looks very burny sore :) hope he has been treating you good :)

Happy HNT

lu peata said...

Happy HNT (sorry dont know what that

nice pattern the pic..:0)

xx lu

Aurore said...

I didn't think your bottom could look any sexier and then it's all stripey :) HHNT!

nancy said...

Lucky pup indeed!

Anneal said...

I'm curious...was this "punishment" given JUST because..or did you really disobey a rule or an order?

Again..I'm just curious as I don't give a punishment without cause.


Fetish said...

Very nice rosie bottom, very lucky!

Anonymous said...

Just curious:
Why did you blackout your pussy on these gorgeous pics of you ass.