Thursday, August 26, 2010

HNT - His Collar

At last a HNT from me and a first peek at my new steel collar. Unfortunately it's had to be returned to the manufacturers because it's faulty :-( A new one is on its way. So for now, it's back to my leather puppy collar at night.

When i first saw it, i thought it looked too chunky. i suppose i expected it to be a lot daintier, so i wasn't too sure about it.

Ironically, since it's been sent back, i'm actually missing it - no pleasing some subs!

Happy HNT!

SG and i are taking a well-deserved holiday now, so see you in September. Be safe, be good!

Friday, August 13, 2010

An Order From SG

Thanks for your barks on our metal collar search (especially yours, sera - i'd let them cut it off, if needed).

i am happy to report that, following recommendations from a Dom on Collarme, and then seconded by Mistress Bella and Her pup, SG ordered a collar from Simplesoul. So it's on its way!

First photos will appear when it's in place!

This pup is VERY excited.

Happy Friday (13th).

Monday, August 09, 2010

Metal Collars - Your Views

SG and i have decided that i need a new collar. my current one is leather and is getting dirty and worn.

i've been visualising a rolled metal collar that locks with an Allen key, and SG thinks this could be the answer. It would also mean that i could wear it all the time. i know a few online friends who wear them.

So i'm after your thoughts here. If you wear one or have had experience of them, would you recommend one? What are the pros and cons. Do you know of any good stockists in UK?


Thursday, August 05, 2010

HNT - Cheeky

There are more photos and experiences from the Fetish Studio to come. i'm also hoping that SG may write His opinion on the night soon.

Back to HNT, as it has been an age since i last posted one. This week's image follows a particularly hard caning, as punishment for something i shouldn't have done. It may have been my cheekiness, brattiness or disobedience - i can't recall now.

Made quite an impression though:

Happy HNT!

(You can help this good pup receive the most barks she's ever had for HNT pleeeeease?)