Monday, July 12, 2010

Walk Your Life

Walk your life
Have no fear
Keep those close
Who you love dear.

Walk your life
Let yourself be
Open your heart
And you will see.

Walk your life
But don't delay
No dress rehearsal
Live for today.


Baby Girl said...

Wonderful message...thanks! :)

Ms Lennoxx said...

Hullo Trinity-Pup. Thanks for an interesting blog, I'm an on and off reader. I can't find your e-mail address on the blog - am I sloppy or isn't it there? I would like to contact you about a purely practical matter. I would appreciate it very much if you or SG would contact me or show me how to get in touch with you.

Ms Lennoxx

Mistress Bella said...

that is a lovely piece of writing, I am not one for being able to rhyme my poetry...I am amazed when others can, and it flows :)

M.B. x