Friday, July 16, 2010

A Seared Bottom

Here's the first taste of our experience at the Fetish Studio:

The candle had been lit for a few minutes.

Naked pup had been placed on the kneeling bench, with her hands strapped to the handles and her cute bottom poised, in preparation of what was to come next. she knew what it was - she had suggested it to Him.

It was something that pup had experienced only once before with a previous Dom. As they had the opportunity to try new things together, she had asked SG if He would indulge her. He said He was happy to oblige.

“Ok, it’s time.” He said, as He held the red half-molten candle above pup’s beautifully splayed cheeks. “Ready?”

pup nodded. The anticipation had now moved up a level. she fidgeted a little but she knew she'd need to keep still.

she waited patiently as He seemed to pause, before she felt the sudden intensity of the liquid wax hit her skin. she jerked her body upwards and then the sensation was gone. A split second of pure masochistic pleasure.

He asked if she was ok and with her affirmation, He was ready to deliver the next droplet of pain.

Once again, the heat seared her skin - no less painful than before. Then followed several more drips and by this point, pup was giggling. It felt good but so ouchie at the same time.

But then she stopped, as she remembered the next part of what she had asked Him to do...

To be continued (and there will be photos).


Mistress Bella said...

awwwww cliffhanger!!

You had me going there t.p. I must admit candle play is something I have never thought about, but puppy is so hairy I'd have to shave him first

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh!! Come on! Don't leave us on tenterhooks...

unowned_desire said...

Wax on, wax off... It's such a nice feeling tho!

Baby Girl said...

Ooooh! Sounds delightful! We've never tried it before...but you've given me a good idea of how to start! :)

Take care,
Baby Girl :)

lu peata said...

oh pup sounds so good, cant wait for part two, better still cant wait to have tried out on me, its something ive been hankering after!!

beau said...

"pup was giggling"

The fist time I tried out some wax play with a very special sub friend she giggled lots too. Perhaps you two have lots in common!

B xx

beau said...

lu peata - I would offer my services but your Master might not approve!!!

B xx

mina said...

Mmm I'm remembering when I got wax play from Mistress Kyra.

PS my word verification is "redness" *giggles*