Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Colour Me Red

i promised photos...

The result of my bottom from the wax play - it could also be my HNT this week (just pretend it's Thursday already):

And so to the second part of the session.

"This doesn't seem to be working" SG said, as the soft leather flogger brushed pup's bottom.

"oh, i think it is" she replied. her skin felt pinked and heated already from the strokes He had just given her.

"I need to use something harder to get the wax off."

SG stopped and went to look over the array of crops, floggers and paddles (and what an assortment!):

pup, still tied to the bench, didn't see which one He selected.


"Owwww..." was pup's response.

SG got into things.

"That..." THWACK!

"seems..." THWACK!

"much..." THWACK!


SG continued with a stiffer red leather riding crop. Short, sharp, and direct strokes seemed perfect to flick the hardened wax off her cheeks.

Stingy, but rather enjoyable, at the same time - pup decided in her mind.

Many more strokes later, SG claimed there still seemed to be traces left that He needed to remove. And after another few more, pup's bottom almost matched the colour of the candle:

He released her from the bench and held her close, before the next session that He had planned. It was going to be a long night.


Mistress Bella said...

ooooooooooooo all the toys! sounds like your havings a really good time!

lu peata said...

oooo pup u lucky lucky the pic showing the beautiful wax play,i want that now!!!! lol

xx lu