Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Colour Me Red

i promised photos...

The result of my bottom from the wax play - it could also be my HNT this week (just pretend it's Thursday already):

And so to the second part of the session.

"This doesn't seem to be working" SG said, as the soft leather flogger brushed pup's bottom.

"oh, i think it is" she replied. her skin felt pinked and heated already from the strokes He had just given her.

"I need to use something harder to get the wax off."

SG stopped and went to look over the array of crops, floggers and paddles (and what an assortment!):

pup, still tied to the bench, didn't see which one He selected.


"Owwww..." was pup's response.

SG got into things.

"That..." THWACK!

"seems..." THWACK!

"much..." THWACK!


SG continued with a stiffer red leather riding crop. Short, sharp, and direct strokes seemed perfect to flick the hardened wax off her cheeks.

Stingy, but rather enjoyable, at the same time - pup decided in her mind.

Many more strokes later, SG claimed there still seemed to be traces left that He needed to remove. And after another few more, pup's bottom almost matched the colour of the candle:

He released her from the bench and held her close, before the next session that He had planned. It was going to be a long night.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Seared Bottom

Here's the first taste of our experience at the Fetish Studio:

The candle had been lit for a few minutes.

Naked pup had been placed on the kneeling bench, with her hands strapped to the handles and her cute bottom poised, in preparation of what was to come next. she knew what it was - she had suggested it to Him.

It was something that pup had experienced only once before with a previous Dom. As they had the opportunity to try new things together, she had asked SG if He would indulge her. He said He was happy to oblige.

“Ok, it’s time.” He said, as He held the red half-molten candle above pup’s beautifully splayed cheeks. “Ready?”

pup nodded. The anticipation had now moved up a level. she fidgeted a little but she knew she'd need to keep still.

she waited patiently as He seemed to pause, before she felt the sudden intensity of the liquid wax hit her skin. she jerked her body upwards and then the sensation was gone. A split second of pure masochistic pleasure.

He asked if she was ok and with her affirmation, He was ready to deliver the next droplet of pain.

Once again, the heat seared her skin - no less painful than before. Then followed several more drips and by this point, pup was giggling. It felt good but so ouchie at the same time.

But then she stopped, as she remembered the next part of what she had asked Him to do...

To be continued (and there will be photos).

Monday, July 12, 2010

Walk Your Life

Walk your life
Have no fear
Keep those close
Who you love dear.

Walk your life
Let yourself be
Open your heart
And you will see.

Walk your life
But don't delay
No dress rehearsal
Live for today.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quietly Processing

There is a post coming soon, i promise!

i just need to process some more thoughts about our visit to the 'dungeon' last week, which was pretty surreal, but really cool too. We got to try a few new things, including a new experience for SG - wax play! (on my bottom, of course, not His!)

There's a fair few photos to show too, so please be patient and i'll see what i can share.

The blogger community seems to be a little quiet at the moment, don't you think?

Hope you're all having a great summer so far.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Kink Time

Exciting times ahead...

SG and i have booked ourselves an overnight stay at a private fetish studio. It's got floggers and a cross. We've got it booked for over 12 hours. Just for the two of us.

Am sure we'll give an update when we've experienced our first real kinky playtime away from home.

It's going to be a long night :-)