Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Straight Talking

'i don't do straight' i told SG, as i wonkily parked my car in His garage, and narrowly missed a ladder against the wall. It made Him smile, as He knew exactly what i meant.

I'm kinky and I'm bisexual. i don't call myself straight. i never tick that box in a survey. And i've been into kink since my early twenties. Every other partner before SG had an element of kink to them. From having been lightly spanked or tied to a bed with silk scarves, to what i now have with SG, involving the heavier bondage i adore. And i know which lifestyle i prefer!

i think i had an interest in girls after becoming sexual with men. A desire for women began to grow. i enjoyed looking at breasts, their femininity. i don't recall enjoying looking at naked men, in the same way i did for women.

i shared my curiousity in an early relationship with an ex and i remember he thought i'd be up for a threesome. Typical male i thought. But i didnt want it to be like that. i wanted to explore it separately to what i had with my fella. i kept the feelings inside and continued my relationships with men. i loved sex with them (i LOVE sex with SG), but the curiosity was there, gently nudging away at me, and i knew i needed to do something about it.

After that i struck up an online friendship with a girl in Norway who i really liked and thought was fond of me, but it didn't go any further. We never met and lost touch when the chat site was shut down.

A few years ago i decided to join Gaydar Girls. That was a pretty exciting experience and i chatted to many interesting girls there. Made one or two friends. From there, i met my ex girlfriend. We met for real after chatting for a few months. She was bi too and had been with one other woman before.

There was a snag to all of this - i was still seeing a guy at the time. He knew of my curiosity, but i didn't know where this new friendship would lead. As it turned out, i found myself feeling a lot for her. For a short time, with my boyfriend's agreement, i saw both of them, not at the same time. Each knew of the other's existence, although they never met. i decided to develop things further with my girlie and finished with him, as i realised we had no future together.

i saw her for about two years and it was a really interesting relationship, with a hint of kink, that only consisted of some playful spankings. It actually felt a bit weird to submit to a woman. It was great to explore certain things. Although my curiousity was only satisfied, to a certain point.

So where does that leave things now?

To be continued...


Aurore said...

Interesting... ;)

Mistress Bella said...

I have always thought it was more fun being bisexual...

Why narrow it down to one choice when you can have a choice of either :)

Interesting read

M.B. x

lu peata said...

i enjoyed reading this pup and im looking forward to the next instalment.. think there is a little curiousity in most of us...;)


Anonymous said...

Easy come play with me! ;) xx

trinity-pup said...

Aurore - isn't it?! ;-)

Mistress Bella - definitely! Thank you for reading!

lu peata - thank you ;-)

this girl - ermmm.... i'm on my way!

t. x