Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Straight Talking

It must have been some time late last year when SG and i were talking about fantasies. He already knew that i was bisexual, i had shared that with Him from the start. He wanted to know if i wanted to explore that side of things again, but in a kink sense.

It was quite a discussion and to be honest, i was a little surprised that He'd entertain the idea. But we ended up contemplating the idea of finding a female sub for me to play with, possibly under the direction of SG, or maybe on my own.

Or we arrange a session with a Domme to see how that would feel. The thought of being submissive under the control of SG and another female certainly thrills me. Of course, SG needs to be happy with all of this. That's VERY important - His needs come first. So there's a balance to be struck.

There's a lot to consider, as we know we're looking for something casual, but that could be a regular thing (if that's not too contradictory!), without things getting too complicated, intense or emotional. Hard task, we know.

So far, from mentioning it on our Rubberpal profile, we've had a few girlies getting in touch. We're in discussions with a few at the moment, but nothing definite yet.

Excited? Yes we are. Scared? Maybe a little. Most of all, we're hoping it'll be a lot of fun.

Applications are welcomed through my blog too... a bisexual female sub, or Domme, age 26-45, preferably in the southern part of the UK (but could travel within reason / invite us over the Atantic or southern hemisphere), and you're looking for some kinky casual fun - particularly if you like what we get up to (bondage, dressing in latex, hoods). It will NOT mean getting physical with SG, but you would be guided by Him. Or if you just want to experience girl-on-girl fun, please get in touch. Obviously, we will talk about specifics privately.

And that includes you... and you know who you are...


Mistress Bella said...

awww its such a pity that I couldn't apply since i am nothern park of the UK, and a bit younger :)

I hope you have much luck with this, and hope to hear your experiences

trinity-pup said...

Aww MB, we can always make exceptions for some of our friends... or are You only jesting with me? :-) x

Aurore said...

Pick me? ;)

FC's pet said...

omg! i have been having this fantasy so much myself.. except i would be purely the submissive to my Master and a Domme. i think it will happen soon... :) if only i lived a wee bit closer hehe.. Hope you find someone that suits both of you!

His Angel said...

Hi, I live in East Anglia, would that be any good?


His Angel