Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hush... We're Having Sex

We took some time out last weekend to visit SG's friends, who live in an idyllic house, in the middle of the countryside. It's very quiet, baa the sheep and very cute lambs, grazing nearby across the open landscape. Have i set the scene enough for you?

We stayed in the guest bedroom situated next to the bathroom. i had a great sleep and woke to a Master keen to suck His puppy's breasts. The glint in His eye was a very telling sign.

i always love to have them sucked too and His technique is definitely something to write home about. His mouth sucked hard and His tongue circled my nipples. It was an exquisite sensation.

Before long, SG told me to take my pj bottoms and pants off. Naturally, i obeyed and from all of the breast action, i was very moist and my pussy was aching for Him. His fingers slowly stroked my clit and lips. He smiled in acknowledgement of my wetness. He continued to tease me, increased my pussy juices, then inserted His fingers deep inside me.

At this point, we realised there was someone in the bathroom. SG clamped His hand over my mouth, as i was very excited, and tiny murmurs were trying to escape from my other lips. His fingers continued to probe and then began to thrust me. It felt so very naughty in someone else's bed, knowing that we had to be as quiet as possible. It was an incredible turn on.

SG's hand left my mouth to pinch my nipples and He motioned to me to keep quiet. His fingers relentlessly thrusted my hole and i covered my mouth with my own hand, as my gasps and whimpers took over. It certainly wasn't long before i reached my wonderful climax. i lay in a long silence after that, as SG held me, with huge grins on our faces.

There's nothing like sneaky sex! Want to share your stories?


M and A said...

Mike and I have done that too! I LOVE secret, sneaky sex :) Our favorite is when we're camping with friends and our tent is close to the other tents in our group :) It's so fun to try and be quiet while Mike is thrusting into me from behind and pulling on my hair :)

Ethan Mark said...

great story..I liked how you really gave a personal feel to it....