Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Straight Talking

It must have been some time late last year when SG and i were talking about fantasies. He already knew that i was bisexual, i had shared that with Him from the start. He wanted to know if i wanted to explore that side of things again, but in a kink sense.

It was quite a discussion and to be honest, i was a little surprised that He'd entertain the idea. But we ended up contemplating the idea of finding a female sub for me to play with, possibly under the direction of SG, or maybe on my own.

Or we arrange a session with a Domme to see how that would feel. The thought of being submissive under the control of SG and another female certainly thrills me. Of course, SG needs to be happy with all of this. That's VERY important - His needs come first. So there's a balance to be struck.

There's a lot to consider, as we know we're looking for something casual, but that could be a regular thing (if that's not too contradictory!), without things getting too complicated, intense or emotional. Hard task, we know.

So far, from mentioning it on our Rubberpal profile, we've had a few girlies getting in touch. We're in discussions with a few at the moment, but nothing definite yet.

Excited? Yes we are. Scared? Maybe a little. Most of all, we're hoping it'll be a lot of fun.

Applications are welcomed through my blog too... a bisexual female sub, or Domme, age 26-45, preferably in the southern part of the UK (but could travel within reason / invite us over the Atantic or southern hemisphere), and you're looking for some kinky casual fun - particularly if you like what we get up to (bondage, dressing in latex, hoods). It will NOT mean getting physical with SG, but you would be guided by Him. Or if you just want to experience girl-on-girl fun, please get in touch. Obviously, we will talk about specifics privately.

And that includes you... and you know who you are...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Straight Talking

'i don't do straight' i told SG, as i wonkily parked my car in His garage, and narrowly missed a ladder against the wall. It made Him smile, as He knew exactly what i meant.

I'm kinky and I'm bisexual. i don't call myself straight. i never tick that box in a survey. And i've been into kink since my early twenties. Every other partner before SG had an element of kink to them. From having been lightly spanked or tied to a bed with silk scarves, to what i now have with SG, involving the heavier bondage i adore. And i know which lifestyle i prefer!

i think i had an interest in girls after becoming sexual with men. A desire for women began to grow. i enjoyed looking at breasts, their femininity. i don't recall enjoying looking at naked men, in the same way i did for women.

i shared my curiousity in an early relationship with an ex and i remember he thought i'd be up for a threesome. Typical male i thought. But i didnt want it to be like that. i wanted to explore it separately to what i had with my fella. i kept the feelings inside and continued my relationships with men. i loved sex with them (i LOVE sex with SG), but the curiosity was there, gently nudging away at me, and i knew i needed to do something about it.

After that i struck up an online friendship with a girl in Norway who i really liked and thought was fond of me, but it didn't go any further. We never met and lost touch when the chat site was shut down.

A few years ago i decided to join Gaydar Girls. That was a pretty exciting experience and i chatted to many interesting girls there. Made one or two friends. From there, i met my ex girlfriend. We met for real after chatting for a few months. She was bi too and had been with one other woman before.

There was a snag to all of this - i was still seeing a guy at the time. He knew of my curiosity, but i didn't know where this new friendship would lead. As it turned out, i found myself feeling a lot for her. For a short time, with my boyfriend's agreement, i saw both of them, not at the same time. Each knew of the other's existence, although they never met. i decided to develop things further with my girlie and finished with him, as i realised we had no future together.

i saw her for about two years and it was a really interesting relationship, with a hint of kink, that only consisted of some playful spankings. It actually felt a bit weird to submit to a woman. It was great to explore certain things. Although my curiousity was only satisfied, to a certain point.

So where does that leave things now?

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Could We?

(i wrote this, some time last year, before having THAT conversation with SG)

Push yourself deep
Into the darkness of my body
Somewhere You've never been before
Let's see how it makes us feel

i'd be ever so submissive
if You took me there
i'd be utterly Yours
and exactly where i'd need to be

The ultimate act of Domination
demands the most subserviant of responses

Could we ever go there?

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hush... We're Having Sex

We took some time out last weekend to visit SG's friends, who live in an idyllic house, in the middle of the countryside. It's very quiet, baa the sheep and very cute lambs, grazing nearby across the open landscape. Have i set the scene enough for you?

We stayed in the guest bedroom situated next to the bathroom. i had a great sleep and woke to a Master keen to suck His puppy's breasts. The glint in His eye was a very telling sign.

i always love to have them sucked too and His technique is definitely something to write home about. His mouth sucked hard and His tongue circled my nipples. It was an exquisite sensation.

Before long, SG told me to take my pj bottoms and pants off. Naturally, i obeyed and from all of the breast action, i was very moist and my pussy was aching for Him. His fingers slowly stroked my clit and lips. He smiled in acknowledgement of my wetness. He continued to tease me, increased my pussy juices, then inserted His fingers deep inside me.

At this point, we realised there was someone in the bathroom. SG clamped His hand over my mouth, as i was very excited, and tiny murmurs were trying to escape from my other lips. His fingers continued to probe and then began to thrust me. It felt so very naughty in someone else's bed, knowing that we had to be as quiet as possible. It was an incredible turn on.

SG's hand left my mouth to pinch my nipples and He motioned to me to keep quiet. His fingers relentlessly thrusted my hole and i covered my mouth with my own hand, as my gasps and whimpers took over. It certainly wasn't long before i reached my wonderful climax. i lay in a long silence after that, as SG held me, with huge grins on our faces.

There's nothing like sneaky sex! Want to share your stories?

Thursday, June 03, 2010

HNT - Intense

It feels like an age since i posted a HNT. Hope you'll all forgive me for my busyness and that you may still possibly be reading me. my followers total is now up to 123, so that feels really good. Thank you for following!

i thought i'd post a photo from a past bondage and cage session i've written about some time ago (you get a prize for finding it in the archives). But i don't think i've ever shared this particular image, until now. It's one of my all-time favourites and takes me back to an incredibly intense time - dressed in PVC dress and boots, latex hood, cuffs and chained to the bars. i think this was taken in the aftermath of the scene. It felt amazing and i know i would love to experience it again.

i am sure that SG would be more than happy to oblige...

Happy HNT!