Monday, May 24, 2010

In The Shade

We've been doing a spot of decorating over the past few weekends. The place is looking amazing:

my kitchen is eco friendly green,
my lounge is two shades of cream,
my bathroom is brilliant white,
And my boudoir is erotically red

In all of this, we've had no time for kink,
so my bottom is not pink
(or any other shade... yet).

But i forgot to take my collar with me, when we did venture out.

So that's why it's a yet...


J3 and his slut Wendy said...

What?!?! You mean you are not all fetish all the time? You and SG have regular things to do just like the neighbors down the street? Gasp!

On the other hand.. welcome to Realitylife (no dot com.) It's hard to believe that people think we (and I am sure you have gotten the comments also) have all the time in a day to just be pervy. I mean its a big part of who we are but does not define who we are.

So hoorah for you getting things done around the house and hope you have some pervy time soon. When your ready to show off your new kitchen and culinary skills, give us a call.

Jim, and Wendy,
Who just spent the last 4 days putting in the 3 gardens, planting perennials and opening up the pool.

Mistress Bella said...

This is good to hear, I know how you feel...

My puppy and I are waiting to see if we are moving into our own wee flat next week!!

Dream has come true :)

Dildos said...

hmm I know what you feel.

Life must go on ^^