Friday, May 28, 2010

Paint Me Vanilla

pup's colourful verse has made me think about the intrusion of that tiresome thing called "real life" into our precious kink time. We may have slapped numerous tints on to the walls, but they all may as well be called "vanilla haze" - with nary a hint of vinyl to boot!

The decoration, cleaning and tidying process has taken four weekends so far and it has been hard yakka. We finish up exhausted and paint-spattered virtually every evening and in little, if any, mood for fetish fun. It is, I might add, extremely satisfying to improve the property - so much so that we end up looking keenly at the finish on the walls before we go to bed, rather than in our bulging BDSM toy box. Which is now safely locked in the garage! Brush strokes rather than crop strokes, indeed...

We had agreed prior to the weekend just past that it was time for our biannual switching session. In preparation for this, I had consciously tried to get myself into a less bossy state of mind before I drove to pup's early on Saturday morning. Not that she noticed my efforts as I marched purposefully around various DIY stores that day, mind! In fact, what I require from switching is not to be Dommed in the "conventional" sense. I'm certainly not into pain or humiliation. All I want, really, is to be confined extremely securely in purpose-built bondage gear (SJ, BC hood etc) and pleasured by my wanton slut. I see it as an evening off from responsibility - a guilt-free pleasure to lie back and enjoy. Also a fun challenge to try and escape!

Needless to say, by the time we had tidied up the painting paraphernalia and had eaten our well earned dinner late on Sunday night, we were bushed and both knew without saying anything that there was little point in starting anything. Funnily enough, after having psyched myself up and put in all the hard work, I didn't feel particularly disappointed. The results we had achieved were highly satisfying and I still fell asleep with a smile on my face. Sometimes, true togetherness is about so much more than kink - and, let's face it, I'll get my session at some point soon...

Master SingleGlove

Monday, May 24, 2010

In The Shade

We've been doing a spot of decorating over the past few weekends. The place is looking amazing:

my kitchen is eco friendly green,
my lounge is two shades of cream,
my bathroom is brilliant white,
And my boudoir is erotically red

In all of this, we've had no time for kink,
so my bottom is not pink
(or any other shade... yet).

But i forgot to take my collar with me, when we did venture out.

So that's why it's a yet...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

HNT - Pleasure In Pain

Take 1 x leather cane,
administer a lot of hard strokes (30+),
and tease the pussy with her Lelo.
(Not before the straitjacket, and binding of spread legs to the bed.)

The result:

pup riding waves of pleasure, entwined with intense pain,

and a very pinked bottom.

Happy HNT!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

No Butts

i'm still here...!

It's been a while since i wrote, but have been manically busy with other things.

i promised to post a pic of my largest butt plug at the start of last month. Well, it was mainly because new to the pleasures of Pup! asked to see it! i hope it makes you happy!

Here's a photo of the largest (about 2.5 inches) and medium size (1.5 inches) plugs, for comparison.

And in that first post of April, i mentioned SG's request to train my ass to take my plugs, in preparation for SG's cock at some point.

Well if i'm honest, i haven't managed to get any prep work done and it's now May. Up until recently, He hadn't asked about it either. But now He has reminded me i've not given Him an update. So maybe it's time to get my head from out of my ass and get a plug up it... and soon!