Friday, April 16, 2010

Thanks, But No Spanks

Thank you to everyone who left such fabulous barks on my last two posts. They were a delight to read and filled me with joy.

i had a wonderful birthday and received many shiny things, including two gifts from Tiffanys! One of them was from SG!

i have to post a photo of their fabulous gift wrapping ability of the shininess (in case you're not familiar with them). And i'm going to keep you guessing what it is, until my next post. But feel free to leave me your thoughts.

We stayed in a lovely suite at a hotel that, i confess, i had wanted to stay at since last year. So this wasn't a surprise, as i picked the room! It had a leather sofa, wooden flooring and plasma tv and, get this, the shower was right next to the bed! Very strange, but very cool too.

We dined out at a favourite restaurant of mine and the food was divine. It was a wonderful evening. i felt very spoiled and loved by the end of it.

And in answer to Beau's bark, i have to admit, there was no kink in the mix! A purely vanilla time and that was just fine by us.

SG said we will be making up for it, all in good time. We have talked about the idea of me becoming His captive for a weekend, where i'll spend a lot of time in bondage, humiliated and used for His pleasure. So that's definitely on the horizon!

So there's more kink to come. This could be my naughty forties!


saemus said...

FORTIES! Jeeezzzz, you don't look or sound a day over 39...

FC's pet said...

i hope you had a wonderful birthday! Serioussssly looking forward to hearing about your kinky forties! :p x


vanimp said...

Glad you had a wonderful time sweet :D xx

Aurore said...

I'm glad you had such a great time - I'm curious to see what's in the box ;)

Tristan's pet said...

Belated happy birthday hun! Enjoy your 40s, it's a good decade.
Tp xx

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

WOW! You are just as spoiled as I am! Good for you! I am glad you had such a nice birthday!xo

trinity-pup said...

saemus - Jeeezzzz, thanks!!!

pet - It was fab! i can't wait to write about them.

imp - hey stranger! ;-) It was great.

Aurore - thank you - all to be revealed for HNT!

Tp - good to see you here. Thank you and here's hoping!

Wendy - so it seems! Isn't it great?!

t. x

katie said...

A bit late but glad you had a great time xxx