Friday, April 09, 2010

On The Edge

i guess this could be a late (with extras) HNT post - the photo was taken after a recent punishment. SG took His leather belt to my bottom, but instead of using the flat side, He opted for the folded belt's edge.

i bent over His knee in readiness, not knowing what was to come, as He pulled my knickers down. The pain, after just a few strokes, almost brought me to tears. It was a very mean punishment and i felt very sorry after, but i do have to confess i can't remember what it was for! (oops!):

i've since had another punishment - a hard caning (a lot more strokes!):

This was because last weekend i forgot to add rope to the end of the bed, the Lelo was out of charge (yes, really!), along with my camera battery too. All three simple things that are my responsibility and i acknowledge that i had been slack with my duties.


Mistress Bella said...

oooooh lots of little things that add up!

Your bottom looks very sore

M.B. x

Aurore said...

Such a bad pup! ;)

Dom Tom said...

I like the caning marks better. I'm not sure I appreciate the loopy looking belt strokes.

Anonymous said...

a beautiful torn up ass.

jaynes submissive said...

Hi t-p,

Great blog as usual. When you get time, would you checkout my new site and let me know if I can list your blog there please?

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you.