Thursday, April 01, 2010

Butt For April

It's April! Happy Anal Fool's Day!

Oops, did i just type anal? Well it's because, since writing about wanting to try anal sex, SG has decided that i first need more butt plug training.

He's requested that from this week on, for the next few weeks, i use my different sized plugs (i have three), and work my way up to the largest (it's pretty huge - anyone wanna see a pic?) so that i am able to take the biggest deed - His cock. He said this preparation is required so that i am ready for Him. When the time comes, i need to be able to take Him. Maybe it will be a special birthday treat ;-) (Did i just say that out loud?!)

SG has assed, i mean asked, me to send progress reports on how i get on. i just haven't gotten round to starting yet. Hence there's nothing to write about... yet.

It's not something i can put off either, as it was my idea to suggest anal, so i'd best get my ass into gear. Or rather, plugged...

Happy April!


Mistress Bella said...

I like this idea alot...maybe its because I am into anal alot..

I hope you can do it :) I havent thought of giving my puppy anal training to be honest....and I have given him a 7inch strap on he he

M.B. x

Mistress Bella said...

Bah i just deleted my comment somehow...

Hope this goes well pup :) and that you do your master proud :)

M.B. x

New to the pleasures of Pup! said...

Hi Pup. That sounds like quite a task you have set yourself there butt it sounds like you're really butt for it! Hope you enjoy your anal training,and yes i would like to see a picture of your biggest butt plug please! Take care Pup.