Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Solo With The Lelo... And Guests

i've just realised, from catching up with blogs, that it's Q & A Month (and 9 days in already!). So if there's anything you'd like to know, please interrogate... erm... ask away!

i had a very yummy play yesterday morning. It was fuelled from watching some rather hot bondage videos, kindly lent to us by a RubberPal friend. There were lots of quality scenes of shiny latex wear, rope, chains, hoods and restraint - just perfect to get the imagination going.

With my Lelo and nipple clamps close to hand, i placed my hood over my head and zipped up. The feel of tight latex across my face sets me off. To excite me further, i zipped up the mouth too, allowing myself to breathe only through the small nose holes.

i played with my breasts, pinching and pulling at them, before using the strong clover clamps to bite down on my nipples. i can't take them for long, but in short bursts they work well. i knew i'd be very moist by now and i lightly traced my fingers against my pussy - i wasn't wrong.

The Lelo buzzed and i held it against my clit and stroked my pussy. Not able to wait any longer, i urgently pushed it inside my lips and changed the vibe settings a few times. The alternating throb and pulsate modes really do their job very well.

The clamps were now biting down on my nipples as i became ever more aroused. i removed them to enjoy their delicious release, mixed with pain.

The Lelo was now deep inside me on a higher setting, and also sliding in and out of me. Only a few seconds more and my delicious climax washed over me. i lay in complete stillness and relaxation, still adorned by my hood, taking in all of the pleasure and release.

SG said i was allowed two plays before He left. After having a little sleep from my first play, i felt in need of another. i reached for my pink vibe, but i also felt the urge for something to fill my ass. i took hold of a medium-sized butt plug with some lube. It felt so good to be ass plugged. With the vibe against my clit, it was merely a few minutes before i came again, as i was that turned on. i continued to tease my ass with the plug, and tried to make myself come anally, but all the other stimulation had overridden that. Still, it felt really good to be so filled, teased and aroused.

I do love my solo play times.

And, at last, here's the photo of the new brush. i am sure there'll be some results of its use to post at some point (and take a look at those bristles!):

Although He is still away, SG has just told me that i can have another play today!

Hmm... what to use?


Anneal said...

Thank you for your words!

Lissy said...

oooh nice brush!

katie said...

Lovely sounding orgasms. Not 100 per cent sure about the brush. Looks a bit thuddy like a piece of wood.. Cant wait to hear how it feels though. i love a scientific experiment xxxx