Thursday, March 25, 2010

Q&A - Orgasm Control

Have just realised this is my 400th post! Woooo hooooo!

No HNT from me this week, as i'm working my way through questions from my lovely readers. Here's the next one: said...

Hi, pup, I have landed on your blog since few days and I appreciate it a lot...
I would like to know more about orgasm control SG has over you if He does...; How does it let you appreciate your submission-slavery ?
It is good to read you here and I love your new "coat" too !

Thanks for the appreciation of my blog and so glad you like my new coat! It's a good question you ask.

Before i met SG, i was a frequent solo player with my purple vibe being my fave toy. i played whenever i chose. After i became SG's pup, He decided to put in place a few rules. One is that i have to ask permission each time i want to pleasure myself. This also applies when He is using me and if i feel like i'm going to climax, i have ask if i can.

It is very rare for SG to deny me, as He enjoys witnessing His pup's release or, when apart from each other, knowing that she is going to come for Him, because He has allowed it. Sometimes He'll tease me and make me wait a little longer before release and i enjoy those times too.

The irony of all of this is that there are times He will allow me a free play, usually when i've been especially good(!) This means that i can play at any time (unless He tells me it's just for a specific day), without having to ask, but i have to tell SG when the deed is done. And also He may instruct me to use specific toy/s, or wear a certain outfit/hood/gag as i play, and request that i send Him a photo as proof.

There have been a number of occasions when i've not felt like playing, even though i've been given a 'free card'. When this happens, He might allow me to save it for when i need it, and sometimes it'll get revoked. It also works the other way when i've been really horny, enjoyed myself and so disobeyed SG's rules, without asking first. This doesn't happen very often, because i always feel so guilty after and confess what i've done. Then i'll always get punished for it, which is only fair.

It has taught me a lot about self control and serves to remind me that i'm His sub. It's His body to do as He wishes with and therefore i should respect it. i do enjoy this level of control. Then again, sometimes i can be a brat who wants to test His limits. That's usually never a good idea because i'll always pay the consequences!

Hope that answers your question and please keep reading!


~c said...

I understand...Totally. Especially about the feeling guilty if you do the deed without permission...

Can't help but telling Daddy, because the guilt is there.

Glad I ran up against your blog, it's nice to see others out there that understand...

trinity-pup said...

Hey c, always good to see a new face here :-) thanks for finding me ;-)

t. x