Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Q&A - Oh, oh, oh, Delilah!

my first question is from Delilah, eager and obedient slave:

I wonder, and since it's Q&A month I'll go ahead and ask: what is a sexual desire or fantasy do you, the pup, have that your Master does not share? Does he know about it? (I mean BEFORE you published it here, of course. ;-) )

Many thanks for your great question, Delilah! i think, as i understand it, what would i like to happen that i've yet to share / experience with SG?

Well, i have often wondered and fantasised about being taken anally by Him. i may have joked about it with Him in the past. Up to now, we have used plugs of various sizes and it's definitely something that turns me on (which then usually turns SG on). i also discovered i can orgasm from it too, which was amazing when first experienced. It feels like no other climax. It feels wrong to be coming like that!

To me, it's the ultimate act of submission, and i know i would love to give myself to SG in this way. It would make me feel completely His in every way - just totally. Not that i'm not completely His right now, as my body is His to use in any way, for Him to gain pleasure from.

Anal sex isn't new to me, as my previous Dom 'put me through it', so to speak, not that many times - and it wasn't great. But i've come a long way since then. i have a loving and committed relationship. i know it would be scary for me, but i also know i could overcome that, in the same way i have conquered my fear of hoods.

It would be different because of my love for SG. i feel it would take us to another level of trust and bond closer (i'd hope) and i don't think that's a bad thing. So, who knows if it will become a reality?

Does He know about it? Er.... He does now!


MagnusCattus said...

I'm curious as to what you mean when you say it feels "Wrong" to be cming from anal sex. Could you expand on that please?

FC's pet said...

i have yet to allow myself to be brave enough to try it w my Dom even though i want to badly, i see what you mean about it taking you to another level giving your body to SG and deepening your trust with him.

On a different note, how did you overcome your fear of hoods? i feel like it would be very claustrophobic..What pleasures or sensations do you feel while wearing one?

pet :)

sera said...

Yummy--glad he knows now! It's good to keep the boss up-to-speed . . . ;o)

trinity-pup said...

Magnus - i think because for me it used to be such a taboo subject, i never understood how anal sex could be enjoyable. Now that i've discovered it thru plugs, it doesn't seem so strange anymore.

FC's pet - i'm going to answer your question in a new post coming soon.

sera - you're so right there! It's good to see you here again, i was getting worried about you :-)

t. x