Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Q&A - Inner Space

New to the pleasures of Pup! said...
Hello Pup,hope you are well. I have a question for you. Have you ever spent the night totally enclosed in several wonderful layers of rubber and heavy rubber bondage,including rubber catsuits and rubber bondage sacks etc etc? If the answer is no,do you have any plans to soon?! What a blog and pictures that would make! Thank you for sharing all in your excellent blogs,keep it up!

Ooh i am loving your name! ;-) In answer to your question, i've spent a night strapped in an SJ, but i my arms were not bound as SG likes to look after my welfare, and He isn't THAT evil! It was pretty cool to wake up that way and be totally at His mercy, as soon as i stirred. That was very exciting.

i've also spent a fair time encased in a leather and rubber sleepsacks while wearing my latex catsuit, and hooded, gagged and teased. Quite intense sessions, but not overnight as i have to look after my back and need some movement over a long period of time. If you look back to last year's posts, you'll see i've posted pictures of me in the sleepsack.

i also had this question, in a similar vein, from FC's pet:

..... how did you overcome your fear of hoods? i feel like it would be very claustrophobic..... What pleasures or sensations do you feel while wearing one?

i overcame my fear of hoods the hard way. Early on in our relationship, SG scared me when He wore His inflatable hood during a session and i'd never seen Him that way before. Hoods were a limit for me. It took a long time to get over that fear. It was a gradual process of trying on His other less-scary hoods and getting used to the feel of them.

It's quite a rush to wear one now and i surprised myself recently by wearing SG's inflatable hood, without inflation, as i know that is a step too far for me, for the moment at least. It felt awesome and such an achievement. Something i never thought possible. SG was very proud of me.

i have also bought my own hood since that only has nose holes and a zipped mouth. When i wear hoods, they bring about a great sense of subserviency. The feel of rubber on the face is quite comforting to me and i can get into subspace a lot more easily. It feels like it takes away my identity and lets me relinquish control. It makes anything that is happening to me that much more intense. It's a good feeling. i really recommend that you experience it at some point.

Thank you both for your fab questions!


sera said...

Sleeping in bondage sounds so wonderful to me, and your post did a good job of explaining just why that is. I also think it's so cool the way you've "evolved" in your attitude towards hoods. Shows what a lot of TLC can do! :)

New to the pleasures of Pup! said...

Hi Pup,hope you are o.k. Thank you for answering my question in your blog,you have really made my day and i am having a rubber session to celebrate ;) Glad you like the name too! I also just wanted to say congratulations on getting over your fear of wearing hoods,welcome to the wonderful world of total enclosure in rubber. There are so many amazing hoods available out there. If you are feeling adventurous then you should try a hooded gasmask. Hearing your own breathing,having slightly restricted breathing and the amazing smell of all that rubber is total bliss,trust me! Take care Pup,enjoy!

Kat5 said...

Don't think I'd ever get over my hood fear.