Monday, March 29, 2010

Q&A - Don't Move

Anneal said...
Hello pup! Do you (or should I say SG?) prefer some movement possible when restrained, or none at all?
I know which I would choose for My play thing!

As ever, the answer is not straightforward! It depends on the type of bondage I want to achieve. Sensory deprivation scenes featuring sleepsack enclosure pretty much demand immobilisation, so more is more when it comes to restraint, as long as the position is comfortable.

For other types of play, a little wriggle room is perfectly fine - if not desirable. pup tends not to struggle much against her bonds anyway, but being kept solidly in an uncomfortable position for even ten minutes has the potential to harm her, especially her back.

We chaps may find all those tough hogtie pix a big turn-on, but amazing models like Madison Young are freaks of nature who do it for a living - sometimes "don't try this at home" is, sadly, the correct advice!

~ SingleGlove

The idea of being completely immobilised is very thrilling. To know that i can't move at all turns me on so much. But it does depend on what SG is about to do to me. Usually that means i don't know what's coming, so it's up to SG on how much movement He allows. During a hard spanking, i do move about a lot, so i guess it's good if i can't wriggle away. But i know SG enjoys seeing me struggle in my bonds, so it works both ways!

~ t-p

Many thanks for Your question Sir Anneal - i know what Your answer would be!


Anneal said...

Nice post....lots of options when using steel...
BTW..the Blonde woman in Saturdays post you did? She is BEAUTIFUL...what is it about you women...anyway?

trinity-pup said...

Thank You.

Steel is a good option :-) i'm not sure what You mean about the blonde in Saturdays post? Please enlighten me?


Anneal said... was from sorry

trinity-pup said...

Lol. i wish i knew!

Nice to know someone's looking at older posts!

You're forgiven ;-)