Thursday, March 04, 2010

HNT - SG's Cane

No explanation needed for this week's HNT. Originally i was going to spoil you with a trio of photos.

i know i previously promised an image of the new floor brush - that will appear here in my next post.

Then i was going to show you a photo of SG's new leather cane, but i have just searched for it and cannot find it - so am guessing that He has taken it with Him.

So anyway, this is the result of the caning at the weekend. SG pushed me to take a few more strokes i knew that i needed and surprised myself. The cane gave a very solid thuddy feel. It felt good. i know that He isn't used to giving me this level of pain, and this is His first cane - a present from His pup. And until now, i've not received that amount of pain from Him.

Together, i think we will enjoy exploring what works for us:


Anonymous said...

good but I think he needs to continue....

Aurore said...

Lovely stripes! HHNT!

Petal said...

Gosh, he has wonderfully straight aim doesnt he? Well done him and to you for the couple extra! HHNT!

Single said...

You should see me mowing the lawn - I do like a nice straight stripe. ;-)

Actually, this cane is a particularly easy discipline instrument to control. For one thing, it doesn't require much of a swing to take effect. This is important, because the inherent inaccuracy of, say, a flogger gives it the potential to harm rather than merely hurt.

katie said...

How many did you get then?? The lines are lovely and sraight.

trinity-pup said...

Southern - thanks dude! i have a feeling He just might next time!

Aurore - thank you! :-)

Petal - *smiles* hehe, He has a good eye for detail ;-)

SG - and i guess playing the Wii takes a lot more effort :-)

Katie - think it was about 25 or so strokes

t. x

Mistress Bella said...

oooooh nice stripes....I haven't quite achieved something like this..

Nice to see he is firm with it :)

Is he enjoying it?

trinity-pup said...

Mistress Bella - thank You :-) Apparently He says He doesn't have to use it too hard to achieve the stripes, so it gives Him more control. So yes, i do believe He is enjoying it!

t. x