Monday, March 01, 2010

Getting my Five A Day

i'm talking about orgasms - not portions of fruit and veg!

This weekend was SG's birthday. Belated wishes welcome. We enjoyed a great vanilla time, but there was a small matter of kink to be enjoyed too.

After SG's present opening, He secured me to the bed using my cuffs and rope. Then He surprised me by revealing another new hood for me to experience. This one looks more like a bag and fits loosely over the head, but it has no eye or nose holes There is only a mouthpiece to breathe through to let in fresh air. i'll post a pic of it some time soon.

He then used my pink vibe on me, holding it directly on my clit or pushing it deep inside my pussy. He forced me to come four times. Then He used me by thrusting His hardness inside me, making me come again.

"you've had your five a day now."
He joked. He always likes to ensure His pup receives her nutrition ;-)

A kinky gift of a new leather cane was given to SG. He was quite curious about it. i'll post a pic of it too. He tried it out by striping my bottom before bedtime (as well as making me sleep blindfolded). The cane felt really good against the skin, and has a much more solid feel than the riding crop, flogger or His hand.

i should say thank You to Mistress Bella who suggested the cane from Affordable Leather. i can see why You enjoy using Your cane on Your pup.


Anonymous said...

well now that beats fruits and veggies for sure!

katie said...

i looked up the leather cane and now i understand. It is wrapped in leather. All makes sense now.

Mistress Bella said...

I am glad you liked it :)

Sounds like you have a had a good time, as well as SG

M.B. x

Aurore said...

Happy Belated Birthday SG! It sounds like you both had a wonderful time ;)

Anonymous said...

And I though five a day meant five spankings and/or canings a day.