Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Q&A - Inner Space

New to the pleasures of Pup! said...
Hello Pup,hope you are well. I have a question for you. Have you ever spent the night totally enclosed in several wonderful layers of rubber and heavy rubber bondage,including rubber catsuits and rubber bondage sacks etc etc? If the answer is no,do you have any plans to soon?! What a blog and pictures that would make! Thank you for sharing all in your excellent blogs,keep it up!

Ooh i am loving your name! ;-) In answer to your question, i've spent a night strapped in an SJ, but i my arms were not bound as SG likes to look after my welfare, and He isn't THAT evil! It was pretty cool to wake up that way and be totally at His mercy, as soon as i stirred. That was very exciting.

i've also spent a fair time encased in a leather and rubber sleepsacks while wearing my latex catsuit, and hooded, gagged and teased. Quite intense sessions, but not overnight as i have to look after my back and need some movement over a long period of time. If you look back to last year's posts, you'll see i've posted pictures of me in the sleepsack.

i also had this question, in a similar vein, from FC's pet:

..... how did you overcome your fear of hoods? i feel like it would be very claustrophobic..... What pleasures or sensations do you feel while wearing one?

i overcame my fear of hoods the hard way. Early on in our relationship, SG scared me when He wore His inflatable hood during a session and i'd never seen Him that way before. Hoods were a limit for me. It took a long time to get over that fear. It was a gradual process of trying on His other less-scary hoods and getting used to the feel of them.

It's quite a rush to wear one now and i surprised myself recently by wearing SG's inflatable hood, without inflation, as i know that is a step too far for me, for the moment at least. It felt awesome and such an achievement. Something i never thought possible. SG was very proud of me.

i have also bought my own hood since that only has nose holes and a zipped mouth. When i wear hoods, they bring about a great sense of subserviency. The feel of rubber on the face is quite comforting to me and i can get into subspace a lot more easily. It feels like it takes away my identity and lets me relinquish control. It makes anything that is happening to me that much more intense. It's a good feeling. i really recommend that you experience it at some point.

Thank you both for your fab questions!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Q&A - Don't Move

Anneal said...
Hello pup! Do you (or should I say SG?) prefer some movement possible when restrained, or none at all?
I know which I would choose for My play thing!

As ever, the answer is not straightforward! It depends on the type of bondage I want to achieve. Sensory deprivation scenes featuring sleepsack enclosure pretty much demand immobilisation, so more is more when it comes to restraint, as long as the position is comfortable.

For other types of play, a little wriggle room is perfectly fine - if not desirable. pup tends not to struggle much against her bonds anyway, but being kept solidly in an uncomfortable position for even ten minutes has the potential to harm her, especially her back.

We chaps may find all those tough hogtie pix a big turn-on, but amazing models like Madison Young are freaks of nature who do it for a living - sometimes "don't try this at home" is, sadly, the correct advice!

~ SingleGlove

The idea of being completely immobilised is very thrilling. To know that i can't move at all turns me on so much. But it does depend on what SG is about to do to me. Usually that means i don't know what's coming, so it's up to SG on how much movement He allows. During a hard spanking, i do move about a lot, so i guess it's good if i can't wriggle away. But i know SG enjoys seeing me struggle in my bonds, so it works both ways!

~ t-p

Many thanks for Your question Sir Anneal - i know what Your answer would be!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Q&A - Orgasm Control

Have just realised this is my 400th post! Woooo hooooo!

No HNT from me this week, as i'm working my way through questions from my lovely readers. Here's the next one: said...

Hi, pup, I have landed on your blog since few days and I appreciate it a lot...
I would like to know more about orgasm control SG has over you if He does...; How does it let you appreciate your submission-slavery ?
It is good to read you here and I love your new "coat" too !

Thanks for the appreciation of my blog and so glad you like my new coat! It's a good question you ask.

Before i met SG, i was a frequent solo player with my purple vibe being my fave toy. i played whenever i chose. After i became SG's pup, He decided to put in place a few rules. One is that i have to ask permission each time i want to pleasure myself. This also applies when He is using me and if i feel like i'm going to climax, i have ask if i can.

It is very rare for SG to deny me, as He enjoys witnessing His pup's release or, when apart from each other, knowing that she is going to come for Him, because He has allowed it. Sometimes He'll tease me and make me wait a little longer before release and i enjoy those times too.

The irony of all of this is that there are times He will allow me a free play, usually when i've been especially good(!) This means that i can play at any time (unless He tells me it's just for a specific day), without having to ask, but i have to tell SG when the deed is done. And also He may instruct me to use specific toy/s, or wear a certain outfit/hood/gag as i play, and request that i send Him a photo as proof.

There have been a number of occasions when i've not felt like playing, even though i've been given a 'free card'. When this happens, He might allow me to save it for when i need it, and sometimes it'll get revoked. It also works the other way when i've been really horny, enjoyed myself and so disobeyed SG's rules, without asking first. This doesn't happen very often, because i always feel so guilty after and confess what i've done. Then i'll always get punished for it, which is only fair.

It has taught me a lot about self control and serves to remind me that i'm His sub. It's His body to do as He wishes with and therefore i should respect it. i do enjoy this level of control. Then again, sometimes i can be a brat who wants to test His limits. That's usually never a good idea because i'll always pay the consequences!

Hope that answers your question and please keep reading!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Q&A - Oh, oh, oh, Delilah!

my first question is from Delilah, eager and obedient slave:

I wonder, and since it's Q&A month I'll go ahead and ask: what is a sexual desire or fantasy do you, the pup, have that your Master does not share? Does he know about it? (I mean BEFORE you published it here, of course. ;-) )

Many thanks for your great question, Delilah! i think, as i understand it, what would i like to happen that i've yet to share / experience with SG?

Well, i have often wondered and fantasised about being taken anally by Him. i may have joked about it with Him in the past. Up to now, we have used plugs of various sizes and it's definitely something that turns me on (which then usually turns SG on). i also discovered i can orgasm from it too, which was amazing when first experienced. It feels like no other climax. It feels wrong to be coming like that!

To me, it's the ultimate act of submission, and i know i would love to give myself to SG in this way. It would make me feel completely His in every way - just totally. Not that i'm not completely His right now, as my body is His to use in any way, for Him to gain pleasure from.

Anal sex isn't new to me, as my previous Dom 'put me through it', so to speak, not that many times - and it wasn't great. But i've come a long way since then. i have a loving and committed relationship. i know it would be scary for me, but i also know i could overcome that, in the same way i have conquered my fear of hoods.

It would be different because of my love for SG. i feel it would take us to another level of trust and bond closer (i'd hope) and i don't think that's a bad thing. So, who knows if it will become a reality?

Does He know about it? Er.... He does now!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

HNT - Up Front

i succumb to your demands and have decided to post another photo from a scene last weekend.

This was taken after servicing SG's needs - both orally and sexually. He wanted to torment and tease His pup further and placed her on her front and restrained her, as depicted:

He then administered a fairly hard caning (much longer than He's ever given before). It felt difficult to take at first, but then i let myself go with it and rode the pain. The session ended when SG's fingers gave His pup a very delicious climax.

Breaking news...

There is much excitement in t-p blogland! From my last post, i have a question from Delilah (nice to see another new name). It's a good one and i am hoping to answer it in my next post.

Keep the questions coming...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A New Coat, A Stiff Cock and A Hard Caning

Still waiting for those questions... must be someone out there wanting to ask something?

Anyway, i thought i'd show off my new 'coat', and really live up to being called blonde!

As you can see, i was a little pre-occupied when the photo was taken...

... servicing my Master's needs, while restrained by my leather harness and mittens. And before i was caned and given a long hard fucking... but i'm sure you're not interested to know that (or see more photos), are you?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Solo With The Lelo... And Guests

i've just realised, from catching up with blogs, that it's Q & A Month (and 9 days in already!). So if there's anything you'd like to know, please interrogate... erm... ask away!

i had a very yummy play yesterday morning. It was fuelled from watching some rather hot bondage videos, kindly lent to us by a RubberPal friend. There were lots of quality scenes of shiny latex wear, rope, chains, hoods and restraint - just perfect to get the imagination going.

With my Lelo and nipple clamps close to hand, i placed my hood over my head and zipped up. The feel of tight latex across my face sets me off. To excite me further, i zipped up the mouth too, allowing myself to breathe only through the small nose holes.

i played with my breasts, pinching and pulling at them, before using the strong clover clamps to bite down on my nipples. i can't take them for long, but in short bursts they work well. i knew i'd be very moist by now and i lightly traced my fingers against my pussy - i wasn't wrong.

The Lelo buzzed and i held it against my clit and stroked my pussy. Not able to wait any longer, i urgently pushed it inside my lips and changed the vibe settings a few times. The alternating throb and pulsate modes really do their job very well.

The clamps were now biting down on my nipples as i became ever more aroused. i removed them to enjoy their delicious release, mixed with pain.

The Lelo was now deep inside me on a higher setting, and also sliding in and out of me. Only a few seconds more and my delicious climax washed over me. i lay in complete stillness and relaxation, still adorned by my hood, taking in all of the pleasure and release.

SG said i was allowed two plays before He left. After having a little sleep from my first play, i felt in need of another. i reached for my pink vibe, but i also felt the urge for something to fill my ass. i took hold of a medium-sized butt plug with some lube. It felt so good to be ass plugged. With the vibe against my clit, it was merely a few minutes before i came again, as i was that turned on. i continued to tease my ass with the plug, and tried to make myself come anally, but all the other stimulation had overridden that. Still, it felt really good to be so filled, teased and aroused.

I do love my solo play times.

And, at last, here's the photo of the new brush. i am sure there'll be some results of its use to post at some point (and take a look at those bristles!):

Although He is still away, SG has just told me that i can have another play today!

Hmm... what to use?

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Away Time

A rare weekend is here.

SG is going away for a few days. i have one free play that i can use at any time. One condition - that i use my hood when i do.

There's also an impending punishment too though. i mislaid my collar's padlock, so it wasn't in my bag when i was at SG's this week.

He's now on His way over to see me for lunch, before His trip. So when He departs, will it be soft lingering kisses or stinging red stripes that He leaves me with?

Thursday, March 04, 2010

HNT - SG's Cane

No explanation needed for this week's HNT. Originally i was going to spoil you with a trio of photos.

i know i previously promised an image of the new floor brush - that will appear here in my next post.

Then i was going to show you a photo of SG's new leather cane, but i have just searched for it and cannot find it - so am guessing that He has taken it with Him.

So anyway, this is the result of the caning at the weekend. SG pushed me to take a few more strokes i knew that i needed and surprised myself. The cane gave a very solid thuddy feel. It felt good. i know that He isn't used to giving me this level of pain, and this is His first cane - a present from His pup. And until now, i've not received that amount of pain from Him.

Together, i think we will enjoy exploring what works for us:

Monday, March 01, 2010

Getting my Five A Day

i'm talking about orgasms - not portions of fruit and veg!

This weekend was SG's birthday. Belated wishes welcome. We enjoyed a great vanilla time, but there was a small matter of kink to be enjoyed too.

After SG's present opening, He secured me to the bed using my cuffs and rope. Then He surprised me by revealing another new hood for me to experience. This one looks more like a bag and fits loosely over the head, but it has no eye or nose holes There is only a mouthpiece to breathe through to let in fresh air. i'll post a pic of it some time soon.

He then used my pink vibe on me, holding it directly on my clit or pushing it deep inside my pussy. He forced me to come four times. Then He used me by thrusting His hardness inside me, making me come again.

"you've had your five a day now."
He joked. He always likes to ensure His pup receives her nutrition ;-)

A kinky gift of a new leather cane was given to SG. He was quite curious about it. i'll post a pic of it too. He tried it out by striping my bottom before bedtime (as well as making me sleep blindfolded). The cane felt really good against the skin, and has a much more solid feel than the riding crop, flogger or His hand.

i should say thank You to Mistress Bella who suggested the cane from Affordable Leather. i can see why You enjoy using Your cane on Your pup.