Friday, February 05, 2010

Top of the Morning to Ya!

In which SG waxes lyrical about pup’s handiwork skills.
(Yay, He''s written again! t-p

Waking up next to pup is not a daily occurrence for me, more’s the pity. I do this two mornings a week on average. On the occasions when we awake with me ‘spooning’ her, ‘little SG’ is inevitably at least semi-erect and pressing into the small of her back or the groove of her buttocks. The strange thing is that I rarely feel horny in my head at these times; it’s just that daily rush of testosterone that affects us chaps - and their old chaps - as the slightest bit of friction causes a stir. Now, I know that many women aren’t exactly enamoured by having their man nudge them in the back by way of saying: ‘Good morning, slut. I bet you’d fancy some breakfast.’

pup, as everybody here knows, is different from most women. she genuinely enjoys the look and feel of my cock and she will often reach down as we start to discuss how we slept, what we dreamt etc, and almost absent-mindedly caress my member into wakefulness. It’s extraordinary, really, because I’d be the first to admit that a penis isn’t exactly the most aesthetic thing in the world, is it?

she has learned how to stroke me steadily to a lasting sub-orgasmic state in a way that I simply don’t have the patience to do to myself – are most men like me, I wonder? Do let me know, fellas. I will quite often reciprocate by pinching her nipples, which usually makes her groan with pleasure, which of course has a magnifying effect on me. I cannot stress enough how good she is with her hands. her touch is something else, that’s for sure – and it’s made even more special by the fact that it never seems a chore for her. she loves to pleasure her Dom and I do realise how lucky I am, dear readers. (she’s pretty damn useful with her mouth, too, especially when the rest of her head is encased in her new latex hood, but that’s a whole other story...)
(He's teasing y'all again! t-p)

It’s amazing how the minutes speed by, especially when we have to get up for work and the cock, sorry clock (what was I thinking?), is ticking. On those occasions nothing comes of it (literally) and we realise that we have to fit 40 minutes of breakfast and ablutions into 20 minutes in order not to be late for work. Talk about a vertical take-off…

I know that pup would like a ‘quickie’ fuck in the morning every now and again. It’s not really my thing, as you all know by now that I much prefer a long, leisurely scene. A quickie will normally result in the man’s satisfaction but leave the woman wanting more – it may as well be a DIY job! But maybe one Sunday she will get a surprise and wake up to find me pushing my hard member inside her. Wakey, wakey… ;-)

(wishful thinking! t-p)


Lev said...

you are a truly lucky man. ok it's a belated comment...but a sincere, really it is...I mean it...please, please let the pup post...

oh, and allowing her to post has nothing to do [in my mind at least] with not taking things out on her bottom.

Aurore said...

Even though this is a very belated comment. (My apologies SG)

I have to agree penises aren't all that aesthetically pleasing but I find if you like what it's attached to you can get over it ;)

I do so like your posts - it's always an interesting perspective.

Florida Dom said...

SG, a belated post because I've been traveling. I hope you do give the Pup a quickie now.

And let her keep posting those wonderful photos but also feel free to take it out on her bottom.

And tell us about what you did to her bottom.


J3 and his slut Wendy said...

We love hearing from you SG! you point of view is always so interesting! Please post more! We love hearing from tp..but J3 loves to read about your experiences as well!

as always thanks for sharing!
j3 and wendy

katie said...

Well i wasnt going to read your post as i had a bit of a grump at being asked to read something. Stupid of me and i sincerely apologise. You write very well, dont ask me why i am surprised but I am. Anyway to get back to the post , why not try having sex at daft oclock. I have lost count of how many times my arse has been fucked at 5 in the morning. And back to the post again, can you get pup to write some tips on pleasuring cocks as a bit of shared knowledge never goes a miss.

Thank you for posting and i apologise again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry SG! It's always great to hear from you, I am always reluctant to post any comments, because although I know many aspects of your personal and private life, I don't know you!

Anyway, I can imagine it must also be horrible to pour your heart and soul into something and not feel that you're getting anything in return...

I love your thoughts, it gives a nice balance and a sense of reality to pups musings! Please do continue...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, guys, for taking the trouble to bark. To be fair, I wasn't all that miffed about not getting a response. But I do like it when people share their thoughts and, before too long, start a mini-dialogue. pup's blog then starts to develop a community feel that makes us get the sense that we're not alone. This means quite a lot and encourages us to post more material - a virtuous circle, if you will.

Master SG