Thursday, February 25, 2010

HNT - These Cagey Times

This is where SG put His pup, after the photo shoot.

Harnessed... cuffed... hooded... chained to her cage bars... filmed... aroused...

It was one of the most intense sessions i've experienced to date.

And i loved every single moment of it.


Anonymous said...

nothing like being early!

Looks like a big fun time to me!


I need to invest in a cage myself.

Kara & Jessica said...

VERY HOT!!! I'm with Tech...might be time to get a cage too :)

Anneal said...

gotta love anything steel! How long there pup? Curious

vanimp said...

Purdy wee pup! Gawd cages rawk :D

trinity-pup said...

Southern Sage - hehe, I postponed it til
thurs in end! Got ahead of myself! ;-)

tech - you certainly do! They are great fun! ;-)

kara - thank you! Let me know if you do!

Sir Anneal - think it was about an hour or so - but v intense! Thought you would approve!

Imp - they certainly do! ;-)

t. x

katie said...

I think i would go mad with boredom if put in a cage for an hour lol but its a lovely picture