Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Sprinkling of Kink

A new year.

i'm not into making resolutions, but i've decided on just the one:

- To keep looking forward and have no regrets about the past.

What's yours? Care to share them?

SG and i spent a whole 10 days together - a mix of vanilla-dom, seeing family and friends, with a sprinkling of kink thrown in. It was really good.

Apart from an amazing present of a new latex outfit, SG also bought me a Wii! We stayed up until the wii small hrs at the wii-kend, trying out the various sports games on it. He discovered that i have quite a competitive streak in me!

We also made time for a photo shoot to show off my new latex wear. i'll be sharing some of our favourite shots over the next few posts, starting with a HNT tomorrow. So you only have to wait one day!

As SG left my place to go home, He told me i could carry on and play. He meant with the Wii, not with myself. Then again, i guess i could do with a rest from that ;-)


Kara and Jessica said...

Glad your having so much fun with the Wii and can wait to see those latex HNT's. I'm sure your going to look super HOT!!!! Kara XOXO

unowned_desire said...

To walk more and to tell those I care for how much I love and adore them as much as possible!

M and A said...

Happy New Year!!! I can't wait to see the pics :) You look beautiful in latex!

The wii is an awesome but highly addictive toy :) You should definitely invest in Mario Kart :) Mike and I have had epic wars over our wii :) Enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

my resolution is to do as my master tells me. i will keep it too as i know what will happen if i don't! ps i love your new outfit.