Sunday, January 31, 2010


Is this bruise self-inflicted because i was bent over my cage, with my legs pressed against its sides, while my Owner urgently thrusted His hardness inside me?

Believe me, i'm certainly not complaining! It was one of the most erotically charged sessions we've had in a while. A bonus that i got some cage time and delicious bondage, coupled with wearing my new PVC dress.

And of course there are photos of all of it... but i don't suppose you're interested in seeing them too?


Mistress Bella said...

Oooo-eeer raunchy, I dont mind self-infliction in that respect....

I cant wait til I am able to cage my pup :) Will make things more intereseting

Aurore said...

Well bruises, no matter how they were made are still a great reminder now aren't they?

katie said...

I see the bruise now. Much better than just a text lol. Hows things today???

trinity-pup said...

Mistress B - *smiles* i thought you'd say something like that... oooh i am sure he will be excited at that.

Aurore - indeed they are! :-)

katie - hehe... things are ok, tho i'm on a "no play" curfew until further notice after last week's badness... :-(

t. x