Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love Is Blind

'Go and get ready for bed, pup'

We'd had a fun night of Wii and it had given me a rush. my competitive streak had emerged again, and i was also feeling a little unruly.

SG continued to look at me, waiting for me to move off the sofa.

i stared back at Him and stayed where i was. We looked at each other for what seemed like ages, probably a minute or so, before He spoke again.

'Are you doing this to get a punishment?' SG asked, 'because you're going the right way about it. Now get to the bathroom.' His voice became sterner.

i carried on sitting there, knowing that i was really pushing things now. But still i didn't move.

His face became ever more serious. Sometimes i guess i just like to look at Him when He's in real serious mode, to take in 'that look'. It scares me a lot and i don't see it that often, as i am such a good girl (mostly). i get a cold streak that runs down my back, but i like to feel it sometimes. It's a strange mix of feelings because i know i'm pushing for it. SG seemed to be concentrating about something, and then said:

'I'm counting how many strokes your bottom is going to get. It's already up to quite a high number. And anyway, you'll be sleeping chained and blindfolded tonight'.

At that remark, i headed for the bathroom. From outside the door, i could hear the unravelling of chains coming from the bedroom. It was like He was ensuring that i heard them. It had been a while since He had made me sleep that way.

i walked into the bedroom and He placed my cuffs on me and made me lie down in bed. He added chains from my ankle cuffs up to my wrist cuffs and connected these to my collar. His face had started to show some satisfaction.

Then He rummaged in the 'case of kink' to retrieve the bondage tape. i thought He might have been joking about that part. He made me sit up in bed and placed the tape over my eyes, wrapping it a few times around my head. i lay back down and curled up against the cold of the metal.

'Goodnight pup, sleep tight.'

It was a long and very dark night.


Aurore said...

You just couldn't help yourself, could you ;)

Mistress Bella said...

Tut tut, being an unruly pup...

At least he meant what he said :P