Saturday, January 23, 2010

Keeping It Zipped

i did the unthinkable.

No-one made me do it or pushed me into it. No instruction from SG.

It was of my own free will.

A year ago it wouldn't even have crossed my mind. It amazes me how things can change, how you grow to like things never imagined before.

i bought a new latex hood - it has no eye holes, only nose holes and a zipped mouth! :-o As i ordered it, the thought of it excited and scared me, but I knew it would just be a step up from SG's breath control hood.

The hood turned up in time for the weekend, but i didn't show it to SG initially. i wondered what He'd think. When i did, He told me how surprised He was but how impressed too.

It was christened on Sunday morning, when SG tied me to the bed and used me. It felt incredible and not too scary. SG started off by placing it on me with the zipped mouth open. Halfway through SG's hard thrusting, He pulled the zip closed, leaving me to breath only through the small nose holes. This actually excited me even more and i came not long after, and SG then followed.

A very hot session indeed and now i can't wait to wear the hood again with my latex outfit i've been showcasing lately.

Oh, and i guess you'll be wanting to see photos of it, huh?

1 comment:

sera said...

What cool changes for you! Neat to see what "progress" you've made in exploring your kinks together. Yay!

By the way, it sounds VERY hot!